A capital campaign is a strategic and comprehensive fundraising effort by nonprofit organizations to raise significant sums of money for a specific project or purpose.

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Is Your Capital Campaign Set Up to Fail?

Set your capital campaign up properly: perform your due diligence and market research early in the game.

Using a Feasibility Study to Close Major Gifts – Without an Ask

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An expertly crafted Feasibility Study can open your donors' hearts and minds to wonderful possibilities your project will create.

Want to Know What Your Major Donor is Thinking? Try This Question!

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Want to find out what your donor is thinking? Ask them what they think or what are their impressions. It's our favorite Golden Question to ask donors.

Capital Campaigns: Three Secrets of Success

If you're nonprofit is running a capital campaign, take a look at our article for three secrets to a successful campaign.

3 Reasons Capital Campaigns Lose Their Momentum

There is really nothing more painful than a capital campaign that loses its momentum. It’s a sad situation – the institution is out there in public with an important initiative, a very public goal, and major gifts designated toward…
Planning a Campaign? Add Power and Influence

Planning a Campaign? Add Power and Influence

We were helping one of our clients work through a challenge yesterday. Our client, a national organization, is planning a $300 million capital campaign. The problem is, the organization’s board is not composed of "heavy hitters" so…

How to Start a Capital Campaign Plan: A Mistake-Proof Checklist

Many organizations are either planning a capital campaign, or thinking about one in the future. It's what happens early on in the capital campaign planning process that really lays the groundwork for success. This Checklist Tool will help…

Secrets to Maintaining Your Capital Campaign’s Momentum

The Magic of Capital Campaign Momentum Is your organization enjoying the benefits of robust capital campaign momentum? In fact, many campaigns struggle to maintain this important success factor.   Momentum is a magic quality…

We Give Thanks To You

A Message To You Yesterday was Thanksgiving in the U.S., a time to give thanks for what we have. It felt a little different this year.  2020 has thrown a lot of challenges our way. Maybe it feels like we’d rather wish away 2020…

What Can Go Wrong with a Capital Campaign in a Pandemic?

You might be planning a campaign for 2021, or you may be in a major campaign right now. What can go wrong? Capital campaigns, as we all know, are huge undertakings. They are full of risks, rewards and mega gifts, too. And sometimes capital…

How a Capital Campaign Planning Committee Develops Lead Donor Relationships

If you’re planning a capital campaign, you are very likely evaluating your fundraising potential.  How much can you raise? Who will be your major funding sources? Would a Capital Campaign Planning Committee help you raise more?   A…

The Pandemic and Fundraising: What to Expect and How to Prepare

Note, this article was written in March 2020! One of the major issues on everyone’s mind today is the coronavirus outbreak. Many people are worried and uncertain about what to expect. Smart nonprofits are concerned how all this uncertainty…

The ArtsCenter: A Capital Campaign Success Story

Around eight or so years ago the ArtsCenter in Carrboro, North Carolina, looked for the stars to align for a big new project. A well-loved community organization for decades, the organization needed a new home. For more than 45 years,…

Every Fundraiser’s Goldmine: The Database– 5 Ways to Find Big Potential Right at Your Fingertips

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Here’s a post by my colleague Dr. Kathryn Gamble, our data expert: Finding big gift potential is on everyone’s mind these days.  Who doesn’t want to raise more money for their missions? What do you need to know to find your major…

Step-by-Step Guide to a Major Capital Campaign Ask

What does it take to close a major capital campaign gift? Clearly such a major undertaking takes a skilled, nuanced approach to the donor. Here are the step you need to follow, if you want to close major gifts and capital campaign…

How to Create an Inspirational, Compelling Case Statement

Your case statement is the backbone of your fundraising program. This post is by Dr. Kathryn Gamble, senior consultant with Gail Perry Associates Why? Your nonprofit's case statement outlines your entire fundraising rationale: why your organization…