Fundraising Strategy is a comprehensive approach to raise funds for Nonprofit Organizations. It is essential for nonprofits to develop and implement a well-thought-out fundraising strategy to ensure sustained financial support for their operations and programs. A fundraising strategy encompasses a wide range of initiatives such as hosting fundraising events, engaging supporters, utilizing online platforms, and seeking sponsorships.

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How to Be Confident in Fundraising Meetings with Key Donors

Confidently master conversations with new donors! Learn how to make a first impression that will open doors to lasting relationships.
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Three Thought-Provoking Questions to Ask Your Leadership Team

Discover why honest conversations about fundraising strategy are crucial for success. Overcome challenges, build trust & achieve your goals.
Major Gift Best Practices

Major Gift Best Practices: How to Unlock Transformative Philanthropy

This guide reveals 5 major gifts fundraising best practices to cultivate major gifts & skyrocket your goals.

Major Gifts Fundraising – A Team Sport

Empowering your team to ask the right questions will maximize your major gift fundraising success.

What’s the Rate of Return of Major Gift Fundraising?

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Learn how to maximize your fundraising rate of return with these tips. Try proven strategies to maximize your return on investment.
high net worth donors

Unlock the Secrets of High Net Worth Donors

Discover proven strategies to cultivate connections, inspire impactful giving, & secure lasting partnerships with high-net-worth donors.

Is the Donor Ready for an Ask?

Is the donor ready for an ask? Check out this blog for tips on how to know! Use these steps to feel confident when making the ask.

Is This the Reason Your Team is Not Raising Major Gifts?

All nonprofits want to excel at major gifts fundraising. Is this really true? In our 30 years in major gifts fundraising, we've seen familiar roadblocks crop up inside organizations. Roadblocks that somehow get thrown up to keep money…

Nonprofit Fundraising Trends in 2024: Buckle Up!

As 2024 starts, we review the important nonprofit fundraising trends. These insights come from conversations about the state of fundraising with industry leaders.
What is the role of a nonprofit board in fundraising?

What is the Role of a Nonprofit Board in Fundraising?

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The Fund Development Committee of the board can help everyone support this most important revenue-producing area of a nonprofit.
What Can Go Wrong with Your Board’s Fund Development Committee?

What Can Go Wrong with the Board’s Fund Development Committee?

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Five ways Fund Development Committees go wrong from micromanaging internal operations to negating the power of the CEO.
What Does a Capital Campaign Consultant Actually Do?

Capital Campaign Consultants: What Do They Do?

In the world of nonprofit fundraising, capital campaign consultants play a crucial role helping organizations plan, execute, and manage high-dollar capital campaigns. As we all know, capital campaigns are major fundraising efforts…

Capital Campaign Success: The #1 Ingredient You Need

Capital campaign success - this is what we all dream of! As capital campaign consultants, we want our clients to get organized quickly, galvanize their major donors, and secure transformational gifts to fuel their missions. But there…
How and When to Announce Your Capital Campaign

How & When to Announce a Capital Campaign

Often board members will challenge us about the timing of a capital campaign announcement. The perennial question is: "When is the right time to announce our campaign to the public?" Sometimes organizational leaders will push…
Five Reasons to Have One This Summer

Friendmaking Porch Party: Five Reasons to Have One This Summer

Have you ever considered the power of a Porch Party? This summer, you can lighten things up while you make new friends for your cause. Here are five reasons you and your team might want to hold a friendmaking event this summer: Remember,…
The Role of Board Members at a Porch Party

The Important Role of Board Members at a Porch Party Friendmaking Event

Board members can play important roles at donor engagement social events like Porch Parties.  We think that these no-ask Porch Party Friendmaking Events are a wonderful way for board members to help expand your organization’s reputation…