To ensure the success of nonprofit organizations, it is imperative to inspire nonprofit professionals who dedicate their time and efforts to these worthwhile causes. There are several strategies that can be employed to inspire individuals working in the nonprofit sector and motivate them to achieve greater impact.

Find below our articles about Nonprofit Inspiration best practices.

Self-Care Strategies & Tips for Nonprofit Fundraisers

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Our team is sharing their best self-care strategies & tips to help you shine this year-end fundraising season. Wouldn’t it be nice to enter 2024 energized?

Nonprofit Nightmare: Fundraising Horror Stories

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To celebrate Halloween, we’re sharing our scariest fundraising horror stories! Read on, and avoid these nonprofit nightmares based on true events.
Seven Misconceptions About Fundraising Holding Your Organization Back

7 Fundraising Misconceptions Holding Your Organization Back

As we all know, fundraising can be a wildly misunderstood activity.  Many nonprofit CEOs and board members bring their own personal misconceptions about fundraising when they walk in the door of a nonprofit. Some think fundraising is awkward…
Want to Develop a Culture of Philanthropy

Want to Develop a Culture of Philanthropy? Take This Simple Quiz

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Many organizations seek to develop a culture of philanthropy. So you might ask, why would this be so important? Consider the internal culture of your organization. What's it like?  How do people "feel" about fundraising? What are their…

Why Fundraising Was the Right Choice: Kathryn’s Story

Have you ever had one of those affirming moments where your inner voice says you have made the right choice – you are on the right path? Let me share a story with you.  A story about a young woman and her father, and the gentleman…

The Journey from a Fundraiser to Consultant: Lessons Learned

Moving from fundraising practitioner to consultant can be challenging. Find out lessons learned by Gail Perry as she undertook this journey.

How I Got Started in Fundraising: Gail’s Story

Explore Gail Perry's lessons learned as a brand new fundraiser at Duke University back when she got started in fundraising.

The Fundraiser’s Kiss of Death: Talking Too Much

Learn why it’s important to listen to the donor, rather than make a presentation. And why talking too much is a fundraiser's kiss of death.

Secrets to Maintaining Your Capital Campaign’s Momentum

The Magic of Capital Campaign Momentum Is your organization enjoying the benefits of robust capital campaign momentum? In fact, many campaigns struggle to maintain this important success factor.   Momentum is a magic quality…

Three Ways Our Current Environment Opens Unique Opportunities for Fundraising

We know our current environment presents challenging times. You’ve had to reinvent just about everything you do - from communicating with your donors to delivering your organization’s services.  Just about everything is different. All…

Donors are Stepping Up! Giving Was Up 7.5% in the First Half of This Year

Remember April, when we were all clenching our teeth and thinking “Oh wow, this is not the year for fundraising. How will we get through it?”  Well, it turns out recent data proves that 2020 is actually a great year for fundraising. So…

We Can Never Understand

  Today, Kathryn Gamble and I wanted to step back from our regular fundraising message, and share our thoughts about racial injustice and white philanthropy. There's much lip service to racial…

What Do You Just Love About Fundraising?

Here's a little inspiration for fundraisers! Fundraising can bring such joy to many people - and also yourself. There's nothing in the world like seeing what your own work has accomplished - to create new good in the world. And. . . to…

5 Rules to Live by in December

December is a wildly busy time for many nonprofit folks. Isn't it for you, too? We're in the midst of the hectic year-end fundraising season. There are holiday parties, gifts to buy and decorating to be done. Money to be raised! With…

What the Mountains at Machu Picchu Told Me

A good friend told me the strangest thing: “People who’ve taken the trip to Machu Picchu have returned and said it was “life-changing.’” “That’s odd,” I thought. “Life-changing. How could that be?” But as I was on the…

Mindset: How Your Thinking Impacts Your Fundraising and Your Life

Does your mindset really impact your life - and your fundraising results? I'd suggest that your thinking has tons to do with how your life rolls out. I co-presented this topic earlier this week at the AFP International Fundraising Conference…