We’re fired-up about fundraising.

Fired-Up Fundraising is a staple in the fundraising world for a reason. People with energy, passion and a plan can change the world, and we bring that special recipe for success to every nonprofit that we partner with.

Since 1994, we’ve partnered with nonprofits of all shapes, sizes and missions to help them reach their goals and beyond. Our consulting and training services are customizable and carefully designed to be actionable and accessible to organizations like yours.


Get to know our leaders.

Gail Perry | Nonprofit Fundraising Consultant

Gail Perry,

Founder & President

An international fundraising leader, keynote speaker, trainer and author with more than 30 years’ experience, Gail is renowned for her positivity, expertise and insight.

She’s coached more than 60 capital campaigns worldwide and empowered well-loved, high-impact organizations including San Diego Zoo Global, Duke Cancer Center, US Olympic Committee and Boy Scouts of America to raise hundreds of millions.

Gail’s achieved great fame and recognition in the fundraising world and is celebrated for her transformational work with boards, using her innovative Fired-Up Fundraising approach. This approach helps empower organizations to connect with their supporters personally, energizing boards and inspiring new energy for fundraising. Through it, she’s worked successfully with the boards of the CDC Foundation, the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, the Trust for Public Land, the Parkinson’s Foundation, YMCA and Boys and Girls Clubs of America.

A dynamic and charismatic speaker, Gail keynotes fundraising conferences and teaches campaign masterclasses all over the world. She leads powerful board and leadership workshops to drive national and international organizations to greater heights.

Gail’s strong presence on LinkedIn makes her an influential voice in the fundraising community, and she has been named one of the site’s top 15 Voices of Philanthropy for sharing strategic insights and expertise with her peers. Gail has contributed to the #1 best-selling textbook Capital Campaigns: Strategies That Work.

Her bestselling book Fired-Up Fundraising: Turn Board Passion into Action is recognised as the gold standard guide to building successful fundraising boards. It’s living proof of her conviction that energizing people can change the world.

Kathryn Gamble | Nonprofit Fundraising Consultant

Dr Kathryn Gamble

Vice President

With over 30 years’ experience in fundraising leadership, Kathryn combines passion and strategic expertise to help nonprofits get results – and ultimately make the world a better place.

She uses a wealth of experience gained from three decades at the forefront of fundraising, managing the portfolios of major donors, planning post-campaigns, and masterminding the discovery call process and planned giving. Her long list of successful campaigns covers a wide range of clients.

Kathryn has held many senior executive management positions. She oversaw the entire fundraising operations at Saint Mary’s School and East Carolina University, and has served on nonprofit boards for many other organizations. After her record-breaking fundraising for North Carolina Museum of Art, where she led a successful $50.6 million campaign, she founded her own consulting business.

Academically, she has gone the whole distance. At the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, she completed the Bridges Academic Leadership for Women program of professional development for women in higher education. She proudly submitted her PhD, researching ‘Nonprofit CEO Power and Multiple Boards: Their Effects on Governing Board Role Fulfillment’ to examine what effect additional boards may have on a governing board’s role fulfillment.

Kathryn regularly speaks in public. She presents her research at the ARNOVA (Association of Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action) conference, inspires as a speaker at the AFP NC Philanthropy Conference, and shares her knowledge and passion through teaching nonprofit governance at Johns Hopkins University. She treats fundraising like the running she does in her spare time: with commitment, tenacity and hard work.

In 2017, Gail Perry and Kathryn joined forces. Ever since, Kathryn has played an important role in energizing the Gail Perry Group’s nonprofit clients and transforming their fundraising fortunes. It illustrates her philosophy of looking beyond just raising dollars to affect real change for a better world.

Cassie Rice | Nonprofit Fundraising Consultant

Cassie Rice

Vice President, Client Success & Operations

Cassie’s professional experiences and graduate-level study in public policy, advocacy, political campaigns, congressional office work, and international affairs inspire her to have a direct hand in helping individuals and communities on a regional and global scale.

She’s passionate about creating equality and inclusion with diverse groups and enjoys opportunities to interact with different cultures and learn new outlooks on life.

Whether organizing productive and cohesive teams to streamline parliamentary office workflow, staff roles, processes and institution procedures or executing the inner workings of election campaigns, Cassie is a big thinker who innovates, inspires, and influences the organization forward. Cassie thrives in solving complex problems and she leverages her expertise and proven track record in people management, program development, conflict resolution, problem-solving, contract negotiation, and client success.

Cassie is excited to contribute her experience of working in Congress to bring together legislation, organization, communications, and strategy as a force for change and advance the organization’s mission.