We’re fired-up about fundraising.

Fired-Up Fundraising is a staple in the fundraising world for a reason. People with energy, passion and a plan can change the world, and we bring that special recipe for success to every nonprofit that we partner with.

Since 1994, we’ve partnered with nonprofits of all shapes, sizes and missions to help them reach their goals and beyond. Our consulting and training services are customizable and carefully designed to be actionable and accessible to organizations like yours.


Get to know our team.

Gail Perry | Nonprofit Fundraising Consultant

Gail Perry

Founder & President

Gail Perry, our President, has helped organizations raise hundreds of millions in gifts with her renowned Fired-Up Fundraising approach. Gail has deep expertise in major gift and capital campaign fundraising, which she shares through her work as an international fundraising consultant, keynote speaker, trainer and philanthropy leader.

Kathryn Gamble | Nonprofit Fundraising Consultant

Dr Kathryn Gamble

VP of Client Advancement

With over 30 years of experience in fundraising leadership, Dr. Kathryn Gamble combines passion and strategic expertise to help nonprofits get results – and ultimately make the world a better place.

Cassie Rice | Nonprofit Fundraising Consultant

Cassie Rice

VP of Client Services

Cassie’s professional experiences and graduate-level study in public policy, advocacy, political campaigns, congressional office work, and international affairs inspire her to have a direct hand in helping individuals and communities on a regional and global scale.

Charles Davis

Charles E. “Chuck” Davis III

Senior Consultant

Charles E. “Chuck” Davis III is known for helping educational institutions go over goal on their campaigns in record time. In his nearly 30 years of experience, Chuck has facilitated the most significant gifts in his clients’ history including surpassing a $100 million goal for Elon University.

Evan Northup

Evan Northup

Evan’s experience as the head of development for the Foundation for Philanthropy at AFP International Headquarters, her deep understanding of nonprofit technology, extensive consulting work in various aspects of fundraising, and her remarkable track record extending across diverse sectors will undoubtedly lead to an increased spotlight on our clients’ impact, value, and potential for growth.

Beth Ann Locke

Beth Ann Locke

Director of the Academy, Senior Consultant

Beth Ann is tapping into her fundraising experiences to coach fundraisers and nonprofits on how to work more effectively, surpass their fundraising goals, and build stronger donor and team relationships.

Dr. Katherine “Kat” Ngaruiya

Dr. Katherine “Kat” Ngaruiya

Kat is passionate about expanding opportunity and improving outcomes for vulnerable populations. Through her vibrant, 15-year career she has been a champion for multisector programs, projects, and initiatives.

Cathy Crooker

Cathy Crooker

Cathy Crooker excels at inspiring volunteers and boards to achieve audacious goals. Her goal is to help nonprofit leaders change the world by connecting organizations to donors who want to make a difference.

Eli Jordfald

Eli Jordfald, MPA, CFRE, is an executive leader of fundraising in academic healthcare and the non-profit sector.