Nonprofit Leadership plays a crucial role in the success and impact of nonprofit organizations. It encompasses a range of skills, competencies, and qualities that are essential for the effective management and development of such organizations. Leadership development and training programs specifically tailored for the nonprofit sector are particularly important.

Find below our articles about Nonprofit Leadership best practices.

Self-Care Strategies & Tips for Nonprofit Fundraisers

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Our team is sharing their best self-care strategies & tips to help you shine this year-end fundraising season. Wouldn’t it be nice to enter 2024 energized?
Want to Develop a Culture of Philanthropy

Want to Develop a Culture of Philanthropy? Take This Simple Quiz

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Many organizations seek to develop a culture of philanthropy. So you might ask, why would this be so important? Consider the internal culture of your organization. What's it like?  How do people "feel" about fundraising? What are their…

Why You Should Invest in Your Organization’s Infrastructure

What exactly do we mean by infrastructure? And how important is it to your institution's health? Just consider: infrastructure is the fuel that makes everything run. If you are trying to educate kids, heal the sick, feed the hungry, or help…

Developing a Strong Zoom Presence

What’s a Zoom presence? It’s how you come across on the screen. Your challenge, in the new Zoom world, is to so sharpen your presence that you can show up as the truly wonderful person you really are.

What’s the Math? 3 Questions Your Board Members Really Need to Know

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Here's how to bring fundraising alive - help your board members understand where the money goes and what impact fundraising makes.

The Journey from a Fundraiser to Consultant: Lessons Learned

Moving from fundraising practitioner to consultant can be challenging. Find out lessons learned by Gail Perry as she undertook this journey.

We Give Thanks To You

A Message To You Yesterday was Thanksgiving in the U.S., a time to give thanks for what we have. It felt a little different this year.  2020 has thrown a lot of challenges our way. Maybe it feels like we’d rather wish away 2020…

Nonprofits, Politics and Elections

We all imagine that 2020 will go down in history as a difficult year.  And now here we are waiting for election results in the U.S. Politics and elections can certainly be exhausting for everyone. But being involved in civic life (politics)…

Don’t Carry Out Your Mission on the Backs of Your Staff

Julian was a superstar young staffer on our client’s Annual Fund team. He doubled his area's contributions in his first year. Using his social and digital skills, he ramped up donor engagement and gifts.  In only six weeks, Julian…

Fire Up Your Nonprofit Board Retreat: Turn it into a Porch Party!

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In all our years of leading board retreats, my team and I find that some board retreats are fabulous and build energy. And others are duds and a waste of time. It all depends on careful planning and your true objectives. What do you really…

Build the Board You Need to Succeed

Board recruitment can be a challenge for many nonprofits. Here's a post from one of our consultants: Adam Hartzell, who's sharing his insights as a former executive director and leadership development expert:    Board members…

Checklist: How Do You Stand on the 12 Core Fundraising Systems?

Hurray for fundraising! It generates the funding to carry out your wonderful mission to make the world a better place. Just think, fundraising makes your work possible. So of course you and your leadership team want to NAIL a first-class…

The 12 Essential Systems Every Nonprofit Needs for Mega Fundraising Success

Your nonprofit needs revenue to run and expand its programs. And, fundraising brings in the revenue - generating money so you can do more good in the world. Perfecting fundraising is a no-brainer. So, let’s focus on the critical core systems…

Top 10 Things to Understand About How Fundraising Really Works Today

Wouldn't it be wonderful if everybody in your organization agreed on what really works for fundraising success? What's important? What's not so important? What basic principles can you agree on? There's often a philosophical disagreement…
new tax law impact

How the New 2017 U.S. Tax Law May Impact Fundraising Revenues

The new 2017 tax law in the U.S. alters many of the tax incentives that encourage individual giving. Clearly, tax incentives are usually not most important reason most people give. But the incentives may contribute to how much donors give,…