Year-end fundraising campaigns play a crucial role in helping nonprofit organizations achieve their fundraising goals. As the year draws to a close, nonprofits need effective methods to raise funds and engage supporters.

Find below our articles about Year-End Fundraising Campaigns best practices.

Top 5 Tips for a Profitable Year-End Campaign

5 Tips for a Profitable Year-End Appeal Campaign

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The busy fall fundraising season is upon us, and we want to be sure you nail your year-end campaign. All of our clients, whether they're running a capital campaign, or ramping up their major gift program, all ask for - and need - our guidance…

Gifts of Stock: Your Biggest Opportunity for the Year-End Giving Season

Your biggest opportunity for mega year-end gifts is to seek gifts of stock.

10 Steps to Write an Appeal Letter That Works

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Can you write a compelling fundraising appeal letter? It's one of the most basic skills for every fundraising professional. A fundraising appeal letter is both art and science. It seems that everyone struggles with appeal letters. Everyone…

Donor Renewals: The Easiest Gifts to Close for Your Year-End Campaign

Donor renewals offer the quickest, easiest gifts for your year-end campaign. Here's how to keep your current donors from slipping away.

Donors are Stepping Up! Giving Was Up 7.5% in the First Half of This Year

Remember April, when we were all clenching our teeth and thinking “Oh wow, this is not the year for fundraising. How will we get through it?”  Well, it turns out recent data proves that 2020 is actually a great year for fundraising. So…
5 Ways Board Members Can Boost Your Virtual Year-End Campaign

5 Ways Board Members Can Boost Your Virtual Year-End Campaign

This year, your year-end fundraising campaign may look a little different. With social distancing still the norm for many people, you'll be using digital tools and direct mail, with no personal visits or gatherings. You need your board members'…

3 Last Minute Year-End Tips to Close Out the Year Over Goal!

The last week of the calendar year is upon us. Your office may be closing down for the holidays. And you are ready to plan a nice restful vacation! However, there's still work to be done. I'll bet that your donors are feeling very generous. So,…

Three Quick Ways to Snag Last Minute Online Gifts

We're approaching the last week of the year. You know what that means! Hopefully - it means a flood of online gifts and donations through your digital donation portal. There’s a lot of money in play for deserving nonprofits in these last…

Fundraising Do’s and Don’ts for December

December is a wildly busy month for many fundraisers. Year-end fundraising is closing out, and we are all stampeding toward our goals. With things being so busy, where should you focus? To help you, here are my top Fundraising Do's and…

Should You Include Major Donor Prospects in Your Year-End Appeal?

I get so many questions about how to handle major donor prospects at year end. Here's the challenge - you've developed close, friendly, easy connections with your major gift prospects. You're investing tons of time with these special major…

Top Facebook Marketing Blunders That Could Hurt Your Year-End Campaign

Oh my, Facebook is calling! What to do about all the social media opportunities out there? It's Social Media month here at Fired-Up Fundraising - and we're tackling the vast and changing world of social media.  My focus is on how to use…

Don’t Make These 5 Mistakes In Your Fundraising Appeal Letter

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  Fundraising appeal letter mistakes - 5 key items to avoid Your year-end appeal letter just might be missing the boat. Here are some common fundraising appeal letter mistakes I see so very often:  1. Your call to action is weak. Lots…

Upgrading Year-End Donors to a Higher Gift Level

Upgrading year-end donors can be a challenge - and an opportunity. What to do with your very important major and mid-level donors during your year-end campaign? Today we have a guest post from the very smart Rachel Muir, CFRE - sharing…

Upgrade Your Fundraising by Using the Phone

Did you know that phone fundraising really works? Using the phone WILL boost your fundraising! I am in love with a very, very old technology. One that is so very "last century." The phone is something many fundraisers avoid. "It's intrusive,"…

Simple Ways to Nail Email Fundraising Appeals

Email fundraising appeals are sometimes hard to get right. They are inexpensive, and easy. But do your donors really read your email appeals?  Do they even open them up? How do you create compelling email fundraising appeals that will…

Four-Step Master Plan for Your Year-End Campaign

Here’s a smart, concise master plan for your year-end campaign. Follow this step-by-step format and you should see amazing fundraising results. Let’s make the most of the “giving season” and just nail your fall fundraising campaign! Here…