Donor-Centered Fundraising is an approach to raising funds that prioritizes the needs and preferences of donors. It recognizes that donors are not just sources of money, but valued supporters who play a crucial role in the success of nonprofit organizations. By shifting the focus from simply asking for money to building meaningful relationships with supporters, donor-centered fundraising aims to create an environment where donors feel engaged, appreciated, and motivated to contribute regularly.

Find below our articles about Donor-Centered Fundraising best practices.


Use This AI Template for Killer Thank You Letters

Learn how experts use AI tech to generate exceptional donor thank you letters. Discover our killer AI prompt to apply Gail Perry’s popular thank you letter template.
How to Write Thank Yous to Donors (That Work!) | GPG

How to Write a Killer Thank You Letter

Discover Gail Perry's personal advice on how to craft a killer thank you letter for donations that inspire joy, pride, and confidence in your donors.
Top 5 Tips for a Profitable Year-End Campaign

5 Tips for a Profitable Year-End Appeal Campaign

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The busy fall fundraising season is upon us, and we want to be sure you nail your year-end campaign. All of our clients, whether they're running a capital campaign, or ramping up their major gift program, all ask for - and need - our guidance…

Don’t Get Stuck in Endless Cultivation 

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Don't get stuck in endless cultivation and let your donor's slip away. Move a donor from discovery questions right into a gift conversation.
Major Donor Conversation Starters: "What Are Your Impressions?"

Major Donor Conversation Starters: “What Are Your Impressions?”

People often ask us: "What do I talk about when I meet with donors?  How will I start a conversation? What questions should I ask? We have a very simple approach to starting conversations with donors. We like to probe, so we know immediately…

Every Fundraiser’s Goldmine: The Database– 5 Ways to Find Big Potential Right at Your Fingertips

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Here’s a post by my colleague Dr. Kathryn Gamble, our data expert: Finding big gift potential is on everyone’s mind these days.  Who doesn’t want to raise more money for their missions? What do you need to know to find your major…

Penelope Burk’s Favorite Wealth Screening Tool (Video)

, , Here's a hot tip from fundraising guru Penelope Burk. Kathryn Gamble and I had lunch with her at the NC Philanthropy Conference in Charlotte, NC this week. Kathryn and I had a packed room for our…

Major Donors are Changing – 5 Trends to Watch

What's going on these days with the most generous donors of all? How are they changing? What are their expectations of us? What do they really want? Do you ever wonder...How can I reach them? How can I appeal to their big hearts, and…

#1 Tip to Create a Donor-Centered Appeal Letter

Wish you could have been there: Sue was at her computer, struggling once again. She was trying to get the wording right in her fundraising appeal letter. "Dang, this is so hard," she thought. Trying to make it donor-centered was a serious…

Creating a Donor-Centered Appeal Letter: A Makeover

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Want to create a donor-centered appeal letter? It's more difficult than you think, it's not very intuitive.  It doesn't come naturally. When we actually sit down to write a letter, our natural inclination is to remind our donor how worthwhile…

Could Donor Identity Revolutionize Your Fundraising?

Drumroll please! My favorite new buzzword to help you ramp up your fundraising is “Donor Identity.” What’s donor identity? It’s a profile of your donor in some way. It’s an indicator of your donor’s preferences - perhaps it’s…

12 Ways to Send Your Donors Love With a Valentine

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Have you considered Valentines for donors this year? It's time to show your donors some love! A charming, thoughtful Valentine can express your appreciation to your donors in a delightful way. After all, they are the generous, wonderful…

Power Questions Your Major Gift Donor Will Love

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Here’s a natural, friendly and much more successful approach to major gift fundraising. I’m showing you how to develop a warm, easy relationships with your major gift prospects.  Relationships where they feel heard and understood. A…

The Best Way to Treat a Major Donor: a Quick Guide

Major donors are very special people. They mean so very much to your nonprofit, don't they? You know how much they care about your work. But do you care about THEM as much as they care about you? Think about it. As people and individuals,…