Asking for donations is a crucial step in organizing a successful fundraiser or raising money for charitable causes. It is important to approach potential supporters and donors in a thoughtful and effective manner to maximize fundraising potential. There are various strategies and techniques that can be employed when asking for donations. One popular way to raise funds is through fundraising events.

Find below our articles about Asking for Donation best practices.

How to Write an Appeal Letter That Brings in the Money2023

How to Write a Solicitation for Donations Letter

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Appeal letters are the backbone of your annual fundraising campaigns that your nonprofit absolutely relies on.
Suspect vs Prospect

Suspects vs Prospects

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  Today, we want to talk about two critical terms in major gift fundraising: suspects and prospects.  These terms are often used interchangeably, but they have distinct meanings and huge implications for your fundraising efforts. Here’s…
An Easier Way to Ask for A Gift

An Easier Way to Ask For A Gift

How to ask for a gift - it's a question many people ask us. What exactly do you say, when you hope to secure a major or principal gift?  Everyone wonders how exactly you do it. We've developed an approach to asking that is polite, easy, and…

10 Steps to Write an Appeal Letter That Works

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Can you write a compelling fundraising appeal letter? It's one of the most basic skills for every fundraising professional. A fundraising appeal letter is both art and science. It seems that everyone struggles with appeal letters. Everyone…

Skip the Ask and Make It a “Gift Conversation”

Don't make a pitch to your donor, slow down and engage the donor in a conversation to make a successful ask.

Gear Up for a Thankathon Now

November is a season of gratitude. It’s the perfect time to for a Thankathon. It can be a vital part of a smart year-end fundraising strategy.

Don’t Get Stuck in Endless Cultivation 

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Don't get stuck in endless cultivation and let your donor's slip away. Move a donor from discovery questions right into a gift conversation.

Five Ideas That Will Make Asking Much Easier and More Successful

We all know that major gift fundraising comes down to the moment of truth - when you actually talk with a donor about a gift. So how can you make asking much easier and more successful? Often, it can be an exciting, scary moment. But an asking…

Superpowers of Successful Major Gift Fundraisers

Does it ever feel like some fundraisers have superpowers? You know, those ones who raise six, seven and even eight-figure gifts. And you look at them and wonder, "what special qualities DO these talented major gift fundraisers have?" "How…

Three Ways Our Current Environment Opens Unique Opportunities for Fundraising

We know our current environment presents challenging times. You’ve had to reinvent just about everything you do - from communicating with your donors to delivering your organization’s services.  Just about everything is different. All…

Step Up Your Ask With These Proven Strategies

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We are coming up on year-end and, as usual, there is one thing on fundraisers’ minds: “How can I effectively use this season to ask for gifts?”  I hope you are not thinking of using these themes or phrases in your appeals:  “Please…

Advice for a New Major Gift Officer: Raise Money the Minute You Hit the Ground

This week on Facebook LIVE we discussed common mistakes that a new major gift officer often makes.  Now we’re following up with ideas to help you get started quickly and see some quick fundraising wins.  Being new can be daunting,…

How COVID Times Provide Unique Opportunities for Fundraising

Yes, COVID times are hard for everyone to handle.  But don’t despair: We are finding that these times offer some pretty interesting and unique opportunities for fundraising.  Unusual times often bring up unusual opportunities…

What’s the Right Time to Ask for a Gift?

Today, we want to help you with one of the thorniest questions of major gift fundraising: What's the right time to ask for a gift? When should you ask your donor? We all struggle with this issue. And when we are unsure about timing, we…

The New Three-Part Fundraising Ask for Times of Crisis

It's time to shape up your fundraising ask. Successful nonprofits are approaching donors differently these days - with a different type of ask. It's much, much more personal, authentic, and quite transparent about money. Unusually so! Here's…