3 Last Minute Year-End Tips to Close Out the Year Over Goal!

The last week of the calendar year is upon us.

Your office may be closing down for the holidays. And you are ready to plan a nice restful vacation!

However, there’s still work to be done. I’ll bet that your donors are feeling very generous.

So, before you can take a break, you must be out there in front of your donors.

Here are three quick year-end fundraising tips that will allow you to take your vacation happily, and still encourage maximum donations to your cause for year-end.

Year-End Tip #1:

Change out your website. Set your donation page as the main landing page for the site.

Why do this? Almost all the people visiting your website the last week of the year will be there for one reason only: to make a gift.

You need to make the online giving experience seamless and easy for your donor.

Put it right there in front of them.

Ideally, you have a heart-warming picture or image right on the donation page that shows your mission at work.

And, your donation page is simple. It’s short and well-designed. And it doesn’t ask for too much info from the donor.

Remember, with every additional box you require your donor to fill out, you are more likely to scare off your time-pressed donor.

Don’t make giving complicated!

Year-End Tip #2:

Connect with all leadership annual donors who have not yet renewed.

You can call them and say:

“Did you receive our mailing about our year-end campaign? We hope you’re planning to participate again this year!”

You can write them and say,

“Have a blessed New Year and come see us soon!”

You can send them a personal email and say,

“Hope you’ll want to remain a supporter and send your contribution before the end of the year. The kids (or frogs, or elderly, or students ) need your help to xxx (add an impact statement here.)

I recommend an all-out effort to make sure your lovely donors who gave last year don’t become lapsed donors!

Year-End Tip #3:

Cover your phone lines with a live person next week, especially Dec. 31st.

You WILL have donors who have a question or who need help.

Hopefully there will be stock transfers to take care of next week. Someone needs to be on the phone lines to help direct them.

Donors may be doing last minute tax planning, and you need to be ready.

Make it easy for your donors to give.

Remember that customer/donor service during the giving experience will determine whether they keep giving to your nonprofit.

It’s worth the extra time and trouble to do it right, I promise you!