What Do You Just Love About Fundraising?

inspiration for fundraisers : do what you love

Here’s a little inspiration for fundraisers!

Fundraising can bring such joy to many people – and also yourself.

There’s nothing in the world like seeing what your own work has accomplished – to create new good in the world.

And. . . to see the joy in your donors faces!

Don’t you love to see the gleam in their eyes when they see the loving impact they have made? Doesn’t it feel great?

Fundraising is a happy profession.

Fundraising brings joy to us. . . and it brings joy to our donors.

I thought today, that it would be fun to share some happy ideas about fundraising.

I am most personally touched when . . .

It’s when I see – for the very first time – a building that I helped raise the funds for as a capital campaign consultant.

It’s like walking into a dream that has been made manifest.

I know the building’s footprint, the layout by heart.

During the capital campaign, I’ve discussed the schematics over and over. (Remember all those Naming Opportunity discussions?)

But seeing the building  – in reality –  is deeply moving.

Twice, I teared up as I walked through a place that I helped create as a consultant.

It was magic – to see the results that I helped manifest! Something wonderful appeared out of nothing!

All the art and craft of the capital campaign. All the organizing and strategic lining up of lead gifts. All the meetings, the board pep-talks. The careful messaging.

And to see it shape a new reality is a magnificent experience!

Here is what my fundraising friends have shared with me over the years – why THEY just love fundraising!

“I so enjoy writing a big flowery thank you note!

“What’s special to me is the ability to bring people along with me on the journey.

“It’s amazing to hear my donors’ stories – and what find out what is really behind their gift.

“I love learning what lights people’s inner fire and their passion! People are just so very interesting!

“I so appreciate the bonding and the connecting with wonderful individuals.

“When my donors get so excited about participating – I love thinking of ways to say thank you!

“I like it that people can contribute at many many levels – it’s not just the people at the top who bring me joy.

“I love showing my donors that there is a need – and how they can help meet it.

“I love taking people along on the journey of retention – and growing a long term relationship with them.

“It’s wonderful to me when I see the impact of what we can do with the money we raise.

“My heart brims with joy when I hear the lilt in someone’s voice on the phone, when they’ve been able to realize what kind of difference they made.

“It’s amazing to me that that generosity never gets old.

“What’s fun for me is that it’s really all about philanthropy – and that philanthropic spirit. And discovering that you are really a philanthropist yourself!

and the best of all:

I love how happy it makes everybody! 

Bottom Line: Inspiration for Fundraisers!

Fundraising can bring joy to you and to your donors.

Bookmark this post and pull it out on the tough days.

And remember you are on the front line of creating good in this world – and not many people can say that! :)