We Can Never Understand


Today, Kathryn Gamble and I wanted to step back from our regular fundraising message, and share our thoughts about racial injustice and white philanthropy.

There’s much lip service to racial equity and social justice on the part of many philanthropists. But when it all comes down to it – most of the funding goes to white-led institutions.

We find that, in general, philanthropy is “so white.” And quite patronizing, in that philanthropists have the answers that will fit everyone, including communities of color.

It’s more difficult for nonprofits led by people of color to receive funding.

We’d like to see the world of philanthropy, including institutional funders, walk the talk.

We Can Never Understand – But We Can Listen

It’s past time to have the difficult conversations about racial injustice with each other.

We need to better understand what others have experienced in their lives. We as white Americans need to listen.