Checklist: How Do You Stand on the 12 Core Fundraising Systems?


Hurray for fundraising! It generates the funding to carry out your wonderful mission to make the world a better place.

Just think, fundraising makes your work possible.

So of course you and your leadership team want to NAIL a first-class fundraising program, right?  

To operate fundraising at its highest and best use, you need to master a set of core systems.

They are the 12 Essential Systems for mega fundraising success.

This is what the best nonprofits in the world are doing. And I wanted to be sure you have these tools, too.

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Today, I want to give you my fundraising assessment. This will help you measure how well your organization is doing.

You can download a pdf of this checklist here.

1. Culture of Philanthropy?

Everything starts with the attitudes about fundraising at your organization. Is there organization-wide support?

Or is fundraising looked down upon as something to be avoided? Do your board members and leaders even understand how fundraising works today?

How would you rate the support for and engagement in fundraising at your organization?

2. Donor Loyalty

Your donors are dropping you. If you are like many nonprofits, you are losing 40% or more of your donors every year.

You need a full scale Donor Loyalty program of communications, engagement and stewardship to keep your donors and draw them even closer.

How well would you rate your Donor Loyalty and engagement efforts? 

3. Finding and Developing New Major Gift Donors

Most of your money will come in via major gifts. It’s essential! Is your team out there prospecting and qualifying donors? 

Are you managing your effort with a Major Gift Prospect List? How about moves management?  

How’re you doing in major gifts? Are you reaching your potential?

4. The Big Ask: Closing Major Gifts

Too many organizations are not prepared when they approach donors with a big ask.

And the donors being called on are not warmed up for the ask either!

How well prepared are you for your big asks? And how’s your close rate?

5. Profitable Fundraising Events

The big money in events comes in from two sources: high-dollar sponsorships and a well-staged “fund a need” appeal.  

Are your fundraising events reaching their potential?

6. Fired-Up Engaged Board

If you want true fundraising success, your board has to be fired-up and supportive of fundraising.

How would you rate your board’s level of engagement and enthusiasm? 

7. Annual Fundraising Plan

Organizations with fundraising plans raise more money because everyone and everything is coordinated and organized.

Your fundraising plan helps everyone get on the same page, with a plan of action for the year. 

Do you have a fundraising plan each year that everyone agrees on? 

8. Direct Mail and Appeal Letters

Crafting appeal letters is an art these days.

And direct mail campaigns are becoming more personalized and segmented.

Can you craft an appeal letter that touches your donor’s heart and makes her want to give?

9. Digital Strategies and Online Presence

Digital is the future. More and more donors are giving thru online appeals and portals.

How would you rate your digital appeals? Your donation page? Your website as a tool that invites donors in for a visit?

How are your digital strategies performing? Up to your potential?  

10. Monthly Giving

Donors who give monthly end up giving 3-4 times more.

How’re you doing building up your monthly giving base of your most loyal, caring donors?

11. Planned Giving to Build Your Endowment

The best way to build an endowment is from estate gifts and bequests.

And, the best way to secure estate gifts is through consistent, caring communications to your most loyal donors.

How would you rate your planned giving communications? Are they powerful or lame?

12. Capital Campaigns

If you are not in a campaign now, you are probably prepping for one.

The secret of campaign success is laying the groundwork with your donors.

How ready are you for your next big campaign? Your pool of donor prospects? Your leadership volunteers?

Bottom Line: The 12 Core Fundraising Systems

Hopefully this is a prod to action. It’s time to look at your fundraising strategies and put more attention and resources on the areas where you fall short.

Our new Insiders PLUS educational series will help you install these systems in your nonprofit.  Join us if you want to achieve your organization’s true fundraising potential!

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