Donor cultivation is a critical aspect of fundraising for nonprofit organizations. It involves building and nurturing relationships with potential donors, supporters, and major gifts contributors to secure sustainable financial support. Once prospective donors are identified, nonprofits employ moves management techniques to establish meaningful connections with them.

Find below our articles about Donor Cultivation best practices.

Three Easy Secrets to Major Gift Success

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Major gifts programs can become a money-raising machine for your wonderful cause. Here are three secrets that will dramatically improve your results from your fundraising activities and events. 1. Narrow, narrow, narrow down your focus. Restrict…

How A Donor Communications Program Keeps Donors Giving and Giving

Are you over-soliciting and under-communicating? The problem is - we solicit our donors often, probably way too often. But what happens with our donors in between solicitations? It’s called “communications,” says my friend Kivi Leroux…

How to Throw a Party Everyone Wants to Attend

One of my favorite holiday traditions is a really big family party. I mean a big one. Last night I had about 150 people at my house, (can you imagine!) and it was a blast. Somehow over the years, this party has become an institution. My friends…

Step-by-Step Cultivation Moves for Your Major Gift Prospect

Try these cultivation moves with major gifts prospects. They can help build your donors' enthusiasm, engagement and gifts.

A Fundraiser’s Secret Weapon: Your Radar

Last week's post on the "Fundraiser's Kiss of Death - Talking Too Much" generated lots of interesting comments. My readers all enjoyed the story of the donor visit that went sour. But here's the funny thing: Why was I consistently…

Do You Know the Four Parts to a Successful Elevator Speech?

What's the purpose of your 30 second elevator speech? Is it to convey information?  Is it to impress your listener?  Perhaps to "sell" someone? I think most elevator speeches get it all wrong. The purpose is not to "pitch" someone. The…