Three Easy Secrets to Major Gift Success

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Major gifts programs can become a money-raising machine for your wonderful cause.

Here are three secrets that will dramatically improve your results from your fundraising activities and events.major gift success

1. Narrow, narrow, narrow down your focus.

Restrict yourself to fewer relationships rather than more.

This is the most important thing I could ever share with you about major gift success.

You simply cannot spread yourself too thin.

You can only work with a fewer number of prospective donors if you want to give them quality attention.

And quality attention is what will generate gifts.

My first fundraising mentor at Duke University told me once that working with major donors is like spinning plates on a stick.

Each plate is a wonderful prospective donor you are lavishing attention on.

You can’t spin but so many plates (or donors) at one time, because each one requires constant attention.

You have to go back and forth applying a little spin to each plate to keep it going.

major gift success

Working with major donors is like spinning plates on a stick.

When a donor is ready to give, you take the plate off the stick and gently put it down.

Then you start working on another donor.

Some fundraising gurus are even saying that you can raise MORE MONEY if you have fewer donors.

That’s because you can give them more attention. What about that!

2. Listen, listen, listen to your prospective donor.

One of my favorite fundraising mottos is, “When in doubt, shut up.”

Listen your way to the gift!

Listen your way to the gift!

It’s taken me far with lots of donors!

Listening is a gift to the person who’s being listened to.

Nobody seems to listen much any more.

You’ll stand out when you keep your mouth shut around your favorite donors. : )

  • It’s listening that will open the door to your donor’s heart, her dreams and her vision.
  • It’s listening that will give you a road map to her cultivation plan.
  • It’s listening that will tell you her hot buttons to emphasize when it comes time to solicit.
  • It’s listening that tells you when she’s ready to be solicited.

3. Love, love, love your donors and prospects a lot.

Everybody laughs when I say this in my presentations. But it’s so very true!

What does a relationship look like anyway?

  • It’s cordial.
  • It’s friendly.
  • It’s genuine.
  • It’s authentic.

When I am cultivating a donor, I enjoy the friendmaking part of my work.

major gift success

Fundraising is not about money; it’s about making and keeping Friends.

I like to get to know them.

I learn about their interests, their families, their hopes and dreams.

It’s fascinating.  And it’s fun.

Make it an enjoyable, friendly experience for your donors and they will want to spend time with you and your cause.

Each visit with a donor is like a step-by-step cultivation move.

Now, I bet you are chomping at the bit to get to work with your own major donors.

I bet you can just see the funding that is just barely out of reach.

If only you could connect with your wonderful prospects and ask them correctly.

If you really want to bring in large, transformational gifts that can take your organization to an entirely new level, I’d love to help you. 

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Major donors are where the money is!

Major donors are where the money is!

You’ll also get every available means that I’ve learned over 25 years in fundraising to strengthen your donor relationships and get a “yes” when you ask for your major gifts.

And you know I love shortcuts!

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