World’s Largest Porch Party Wrap Up

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World's Largest Porch Party Wrap Up

Did you miss the World’s Largest Porch Party? Watch this recap of some of the fun activities that took place this year.

In the video above, we were celebrating the grand opening of a wonderful new building for The ArtsCenter in Carrboro, NC.

The ArtsCenter is a beloved community gathering space, and we’re honored to be guiding their capital campaign. 

Saturday was really hot here in North Carolina so this porch party ended up mostly indoors! 

I had such fun, live streaming from our event. This video shares some of the highlights!

It’s fabulous that so many organizations have jumped on this summer’s Porch Party bandwagon. 

It’s been a season of friendmaking, donor engagement, reaching out to new supporters, and generally having some fun! 

If you are staging a friendmaking Porch Party, don’t forget to check out our resource center.

Thanks to everyone who participated!

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