Friendmaking Porch Party: Five Reasons to Have One This Summer

Five Reasons to Have One This Summer

Have you ever considered the power of a friendmaking Porch Party?

This summer, you can lighten things up while you make new friends for your cause.

Here are five reasons you and your team might want to hold a porch party this summer:

Remember, the Friendmaking Porch Party Motto is “Make Friends First.”

When you engage potential donors, and make friends with them before you ask, then you can move from a transactional relationship with the donors into a deeper mission-based relationship.

That’s why friendmaking events like Porch Parties are simply good fundraising. Donors want to be noticed, and they want to be heard.

Reaching out to engage them, to invite them over, asking them to bring friends – all of these somewhat social activities can lay powerful groundwork for successful fundraising.

Bottom Line: Join the Friendmaking Porch Party Movement!

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