Gifts of Stock: Your Biggest Opportunity for the Year-End Giving Season

Your biggest opportunity for mega year-end gifts is to seek gifts of stock.

Donor Renewals: The Easiest Gifts to Close for Your Year-End Campaign

Donor renewals offer the quickest, easiest gifts for your year-end campaign. Here's how to keep your current donors from slipping away.

Messaging in the New Landscape: Why Simple Storytelling is Not Enough

Messaging to donors needs to change. You need to be more authentic, friendly and completely transparent about finances.

Step Up Your Ask With These Proven Strategies

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We are coming up on year-end and, as usual, there is one thing on fundraisers’ minds: “How can I effectively use this season to ask for gifts?”  I hope you are not thinking of using these themes or phrases in your appeals:  “Please…

How to Ride the Wave of Generosity with #GivingTuesdayNow

A new international day of giving is happening on Tuesday: #GivingTuesdayNow. We suggest you join in enthusiastically. There are plenty of major gift pundits out there who think Giving Days are a distraction and a dead end, but we take…

Penelope Burk’s Favorite Wealth Screening Tool (Video)

, , Here's a hot tip from fundraising guru Penelope Burk. Kathryn Gamble and I had lunch with her at the NC Philanthropy Conference in Charlotte, NC this week. Kathryn and I had a packed room for our…

Trend #7: Monthly Donors Are Going UP!

Great news - more and more people are becoming monthly donors to their favorite causes! Thank goodness. After so much dismal reporting about small donors dropping off, overall rates of giving going down, and retention rates declining…

Trend #4: 5 Ways to Overcome Declining Trust and Wary Donors

This is the fourth installment in my series on major trends that will impact your fundraising results: the huge issue of declining trust and wary donors. Donors are losing trust in nonprofits - and giving less. So how do we deal with…

Strengthen Your Fundraising Appeal With the “IPM” Formula

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  Here’s a very smart, efficient way to present your fundraising appeal. It forces you to be crystal clear about the three fundamental parts of any formal Ask: What impact it will make (I) What project it will fund…

Three Quick Ways to Snag Last Minute Online Gifts

We're approaching the last week of the year. You know what that means! Hopefully - it means a flood of online gifts and donations through your digital donation portal. AND remember . . . more and more people will be making their gifts…

Thanksgiving is a Great Time for #DonorLove!

      It's the week of Thanksgiving here in the U.S. and we are counting our blessings. Your donors are a great blessing to your cause, because they make your organization's work possible. Sooo, why not take…

Don’t Make These 5 Mistakes In Your Fundraising Appeal Letter

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  Fundraising appeal letter mistakes - 5 key items to avoid Your year-end appeal letter just might be missing the boat. Here are some common fundraising appeal letter mistakes I see so very often:  1. Your call to action…

Creating a Donor-Centered Appeal Letter: A Makeover

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Want to create a donor-centered appeal letter? It's more difficult than you think, it's not very intuitive.  It doesn't come naturally. When we actually sit down to write a letter, our natural inclination is to remind our donor how worthwhile…

What are the 3 Most Boring Words in Fundraising Appeals?

What fun! Today I'm ranting a bit about what goes WRONG with so many fundraising appeals. I’m sharing my thoughts on the most overused, most boring and least useful words ever to be used in fundraising appeals. And I want to know YOURS! What…

Do’s and Don’ts for Your Annual Fundraising Plan

It's the (hopefully) slow time of mid-summer, and it's time when you can can step back from your day-to-day work for a breather. AND - It’s the time when many fundraising shops look ahead and create a detailed, annual fundraising plan for…