Capital Campaign Roadblocks to Fundraising Success

Capital Campaign Roadblocks to Fundraising Success

If you are considering or planning a capital campaign, you might be worried about hitting some bumps in the road.

Some of the common roadblocks we frequently help our clients navigate are:

  • Feasibility Study findings are not positive
  • Your donor prospects are not ready
  • Momentum is dragging
  • Your volunteer leaders need managing

In this video, Gail Perry and Kathryn Gamble share valuable insights to help you anticipate and prepare for many of these obstacles.

Bottom Line: Capital Campaign Roadblocks

Don’t let these issues hold you back. We can help solve these problems –we like to especially focus on keeping volunteer leaders engaged, happy and making their calls!

If your organization is planning a capital campaign or expanding your major gifts program – we can help. Email if you’d like to schedule a free strategy call with us.