The Important Role of Board Members at a Porch Party Friendmaking Event

The Role of Board Members at a Porch Party

Board members can play important roles at donor engagement social events like Porch Parties. 

We think that these no-ask Porch Party Friendmaking Events are a wonderful way for board members to help expand your organization’s reputation and its network of contacts.

Today, I’m sharing several important roles that board members can play to help make your next Porch Party wildly successful. 

Remember, board members can be very powerful when they help in fundraising and friend-making. 

Because they are considered the highest legal authorities of your organization, many friends, donors and supporters appreciate the opportunity to engage with them. 

Donors feel honored when a board member pays attention to them. 

Even more, when you really start to think about it, your board members are only serving because they care about your organization and its work. This is why they command so much respect within your community. 

Bottom Line on Porch Party Friendmaking Events:

That’s why when board members engage in friend-making, donor cultivation, and/or stewardship – they can be extremely powerful. 

Donors take note. And they appreciate it too.