Beth Ann Locke

Beth Ann Locke

Director of the Academy, Senior Consultant

Beth Ann became a fundraiser to invite donors to change the world.

To continue that vision, she recently joined the Gail Perry Group as Director of the Academy. Beth Ann continues her work as The Fundraiser Coach, consulting with nonprofits and coaching fundraisers to achieve success working with donors.

When she joined the front lines of philanthropy, Beth Ann started with the basics: accepting gifts and writing thank you letters, creating direct mail campaigns and working on events. Since those early days, she’s been a fundraiser in the U.S. and Canada for nearly 30 years. Over her career she has raised over $75 million. And at every stage, she has been a champion of relationship fundraising and appreciation.

Beth Ann is tapping into her fundraising experiences to coach fundraisers and nonprofits on how to work more effectively, surpass their fundraising goals, and build stronger donor and team relationships. She wants fundraisers to realize success and increase community impact.

When she isn’t bringing that energy to her coaching and consulting, she’s writing and speaking about how we can strengthen our profession. How? By being a relationship fundraiser and using best practices, research and data, and practicing gratitude. (Psst! She also produced a line of cards designed just for fundraisers to share with donors.)

Beth Ann lives in Vancouver, BC now with her partner. In her leisure, before times, she loved visiting her daughter, traveling, and throwing parties. Now she happily wears a mask and cavorts virtually.

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