Cathy Crooker

Cathy Crooker

Cathay Crooker spent over three decades as a development and marketing leader in successful organizations, where she worked with hundreds of dedicated leaders creating positive change. She helped raise millions of dollars to help address issues of hunger and homelessness, find cures to cancer and heart disease, and educate our next generation of leaders.

Much of her time was spent in higher education where she helped create successful annual and capital campaigns at organizations including the University of Portland, Pacific University and Lewis & Clark College.

In 2015 Cathy ventured into the consulting world to help dedicated non-profit leaders achieve bold visions.

Cathy believes in approaching every client with a fresh perspective and appreciation for each organization’s unique challenges and opportunities. And she strongly believes that budget and size are not a hindrance to creating breakthrough fundraising strategies.

When she is not helping her clients achieve their fundraising dreams, Cathy is often found hiking, skiing, or traveling. If she is not off on an adventure, she is probably at her new off-grid home in Sandwich, NH sitting at her spinning wheel, or curled up with a good book.