Donor Conversations: How to Bring Up the Topic of a Gift

It can be awkward.

There you are, on zoom with your major donor.  After 30 minutes, you’ve talked about everything. You’ve covered her family. Her health. The things she’s excited about these days. But . . . you have not ventured into the topic of a gift.

What do you do? How can you bring the topic of a gift up graciously, and stay on good terms with your donor?

Today I have a short video for you. Here’s our recommended golden key to overcome one of the most awkward moments in fundraising.

Here’s how to bring up the topic of a gift. It’s all about permission.


Our favorite way to ask permission is to say, “If I may, can I ask about xxxx?

Or, “If I may, I was wondering about our recent conversation about the possibility of your supporting this important project.

Or, “If I may, may I ask if you are making gifts from your DAF this summer?

“If I may, have you given any more thought to the bequest you’ve been considering?

This content is from our new course, Raise Major Gifts in Virtual Times. We’re teaching our participants how to conduct an Ask Conversation with a donor.

Bottom Line: It’s easy to bring up the topic of a gift  – just ask for permission.

You, too can move ahead right now with your major gift and capital campaign fundraising.

Our clients are securing major gifts. We can help you. The donors are out there, and they want to support your work.