Capital Campaign Success: The #1 Ingredient You Need


Capital campaign success – this is what we all dream of!

As capital campaign consultants, we want our clients to get organized quickly, galvanize their major donors, and secure transformational gifts to fuel their missions.

But there are important ingredients that go into a successful campaign. Most organizations are not quite ready, and our job is to help them prepare their donors, and make it happen.

Over time, we have found that there is one success factor, above all, that determines the success of a campaign:

And, it has to do with your donor pool. Are your donors ready to discuss a major investment in your mission? Or are they hanging back?

If you have a group of die-hard, enthusiastic major donors, ready to move forward with you, then you have the #1 ingredient that determines your capital campaign’s success.

Unfortunately many organizations that want to begin campaign planning do not know their donors well. So our #1 piece of advice is:

“Get to Know Your Major Donors!”

They are lovely people who expect to be appreciated and acknowledged.

Bottom Line: Engage your lead donors early and often of you want to have a successful campaign!

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