39 Ideas From AFPFC That Will Make You A Smarter Fundraiser in 2016


The AFP International Conference is always a huge highlight of the year. And this year, I have to say that I thought it was the BEST ever!

Provocative and challenging ideas, smart presenters, and an appreciative, enthusiastic audience who soaked everything up.

Kumi Naidoo, the former head of Greenpeace, gave an inspirational, rabble-rousing keynote address that I will never forget.  (more on that next week!)

If you have never been to the AFP International Conference, this is a must-do for next year, when the 2017 conference will be in San Francisco. 

Here’s my annual round-up of my favorite tweets of the conference. (Follow me at @gailperrync!)

Some are smart, some are funny and some are just ideas I loved and want to share.

I included, for fun, some tweets from my own session, “Teach Board Members How To Open The Door Without Being Pushy.”

Don’t miss the last three tweets if you are a woman in fundraising who hopes to advance in your career!

Which one is YOUR favorite tweet? Leave a comment and let us know!

These ideas will make you a much better fundraiser in 2016-17!



— Heather Joslyn?? (@ha_joslyn) March 21, 2016






Which tweets are your favorites? Leave a comment and let us know.

(My personal favorite is Roger Craver’s list of threats/how organizations lose their way. )


You can follow #afpfc for the still-active twitter stream. There’s so much to learn.

And go ahead and register for next year’s conference right now!