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Are you on the fence about joining our fundraising learning community?

If so, I thought you might like to hear testimonials from some fundraising coaching members – about their real concrete results and success stories.

“We applied strategies from Gail’s trainings – and our organization increased contributed income by 36% in the last year! I learn something valuable from Gail Perry every single week. She is the real deal – presenting load of information in an upbeat, specific and action-oriented way.” Meg Revelle, Arts Together

“Gail, we have had our best year-end ever! We exceeded last year’s totals by an amazing 50%! Our investment in your firm paid off in spades for our organization and I just wanted to share our success story!” Lana Baldwin, Pima Council on Aging, Tucson, AZ 

“We just broke our $500,000 annual budget goal with room to spare (and we ended up in the black by $150,000)! You are the reason for that! I cannot thank you enough for the training, encouragement and support GPG has provided me – we’ve had our first gala, a successful year-end campaign and a series of major donor cultivation events. Thank you so very much for what you do for our small but mighty nonprofit!” Brooke, Northern Virginia

“We closed a $700k gift because of Gail’s coaching for a major gift ask!” Twyla Wells, Johnson Community College Foundation

“Through our participation, we increased our annual appeal by 50%!Jodi Farschman, Bittersweet, Inc.

“Thanks, in part, to your advice, we raised $100,000 more last year than the previous year. We were very much able to improve the quality of our mailed solicitations thanks to you and your presenters. So keep that advice and coaching coming!” Chris Lovingood, Nations Ministry Center, Nashville, TN

“Your advice, insight, webinars, blogs, and networking connections have been an invaluable resource to our development team. In a little over 3 years we have increased stakeholder participation from 10% to over 40% and have secured nearly a million dollars for annual giving and our capital campaign. I attribute a great deal of that to you and your programs.” Cheryl, Village Academy School

“I work alone and absolutely need someone to coach on things like this. Having someone with your level of expertise is invaluable.  Helen Taylor, WhidbeyHealth Foundation, WA

“Gail, this is literally the best money we ever spent as an organization. Love the practical, no nonsense “stuff” you can use right away!” Tony Luna, Pearl Buck International

“Thank you so very very much for your guidance through your trainings on hosting small socials. I am on cloud nine this morning! We held our very first one and it was a huge success! We gained a new board membe, four people asking to be on our advisory council, and … (drum roll, please), an unsolicited donation of $1,000!!Melissa, Executive Director, Alert Adults, Tulsa, OK

“Gail, I really enjoyed the presentation, and the very next day when making those dreaded calls asking for appointments, I used some of the “power questions” you listed. I was able to get an appointment with a donor that I’ve been trying to meet face-to-face for about 6 months. I often struggle with what to say to get the meeting, so spelling out the verbiage helped a lot!” Betty Salleng, University of Louisville, Louisville KY

“I don’t know of another offering where an organization can get so much expertise at this price point.” Kendall McCarter, Tennessee Wildlife Federation

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“For me, in a “small shop,” I feel that GPG gives me access to SO much on a regular basis – more knowledgeable colleagues, more ideas, more resources, introduces new ideas, reinforces “best practice,” and challenges me to try harder. It’s also comforting to know I am not alone when I hear others have similar obstacles. Signing up for Insiders is the best move I have made in my resource development career. ” Becky Bergquist, Boys & Girls Club

“Gail, Thank you for the major donor webinar. Your timing was perfect, we had a call scheduled with a major donor for the very next day. To give you some context on how successful this call was, you need to know that in 2013 we raised only $63,000. In 2014, we doubled that number, to $117,000 – 40k from one donor. We met with him on Friday to ask for advice on our business plan. He committed to match $1.5 million over five years, starting with 200k now! Thanks again!” Indra

Gail is the very best source for fundraising coaching. She is so positive and panic-free.” Helen Rideau