Penelope Burk’s Favorite Wealth Screening Tool (Video)

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Here’s a hot tip from fundraising guru Penelope Burk.

Kathryn Gamble and I had lunch with her at the NC Philanthropy Conference in Charlotte, NC this week.

Kathryn and I had a packed room for our morning session on donor conversations that lead to a gift.

Then in the afternoon we took everyone on an advanced deep dive to identify their best major gift opportunities. Lots of fun!

But best of all, visited with, Penelope Burk, our keynote speaker, at lunch.

We were all having a great time talking shop.  And Penelope was so smart that I whipped out my phone and we recorded a video on the spot.

So drumroll please: Here’s Penelope Burk’s A-Number-One, Super Duper, Wealth Screening Tool that every single fundraiser can use.

It costs very little, and can yield amazing results. :)

Just click this Vimeo video link to watch the 90 minute video.

Bottom Line: Penelope Burk is right!

Talking directly to donors is the BEST way to do prospect research.

Your donor will tell you how interested they are in your mission, and why they give.

You can’t pull that from a wealth screening report!

Why Your Board Members Should Make Thank You Calls to Donors

Penelope Burk’s research proves that thank you phone calls work!

What happens when board members make thank you phone calls? Subsequent gifts from the donors go up by 39%!