5 Ways Board Members Can Boost Year-End Fundraising Over Goal


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Yes, your board members can boost year-end fundraising way over your goal this fall.


There are easy jobs they can do and roles they can play — and help meet and even exceed your fundraising goal this year.

The things that board members do can make all the difference to your fundraising —  and to your donors.

When board members get involved in fundraising, they elevate the discussion to a higher level.

Why? Because board members are only serving your organization out of the goodness of their hearts.

They are “clean” compared to us “hired guns.”

I find that board members forget the power they have with donors.

When they show up in a fundraising role, everything changes as far as the donors are concerned.

Donors are just plain impressed when a board member adds a note to an appeal letter, makes a phone call, hosts a party or a tour, or spreads the word.

They feel honored to have the attention of a board member.

First, board members need to understand what’s up with fundraising this fall for your cause.

Let’s get our attitudes straight about fundraising!

What’s really at stake this fall with your year-end campaign?

What’s riding on this money you are trying to raise?

And, let’s agree on these important facts about fundraising for your favorite cause:

  • it’s wildly important
  • it’s absolutely necessary
  • it’s cool to be asking everyone to get on board and support this project, this cause
  • and it’s fun!

This is how you change the world.

You go out and encourage people to get on your bandwagon and support this urgent cause.

Everybody can and should do this. It’s that important.

I can think of few other more important jobs for board members.

Easy ways board members can boost year-end fundraising for your cause.

1. Handwrite personal notes on appeal letters

It’s so easy to add a note at the bottom of an appeal letter:

“Please support this urgent cause – the kids need your help! Thank you for all your support! Jane Doe, Trustee/Board member


“Thanks so much for joining the cause this year! The kids are counting on your help! Roger Smith, Board Member

2. Make one-on-one personal visits with your top 20 donors

Many board members are often nervous about face to face asks. But they can easily accompany staff on visits.

Then they don’t have to make phone calls to set up the appointment – all that work is done for them. All they have to do is show up.

This is super easy work for a board member!

  • Because all they have to do is say to the donor why they care about the cause.
  • Because they don’t have to make a pitch – staff is there for that.
  • These donors are already in love with your cause. They are already huge supporters and fans of your organization. What an easy, fun visit to make!

3. Make followup phone calls after the appeal letters go out.

We know for sure that following up helps boost your appeal letter’s return by up to 42%.

And personal phone calls are the most powerful medium.

Especially when they come from a board member – who is the highest legal authority in your organization.

This is easy for board members because:

  • They are calling people who are already donors and inviting them to renew.
  • These people are already “pre-sold” on your organization and are fans already.
  • They can leave messages if people don’t answer their phones – that counts!
  • It’s fun to talk to someone who also really likes your cause and your organization. You can learn the donor’s story and really enjoy yourself!

4. Send followup emails to donors

This is the easiest way of all, because it takes so little time.

  • Board members can send a personal followup email after the appeal goes out.
  • There’s nothing like the personal note from a board member, who is a volunteer for the cause.
  • Remember, a board member carries such clout with donors because they are not paid – they are real live volunteers who simply care.

5. Activate their social media networks.

We’re seeing social media play huge roles in fundraising these days. Board members can:

  • Spread the word on social media
  • Share your organization’s Facebook and social media posts
  • Encourage all their friends to support the cause
  • Make a donation and share it on Facebook
  • Enlist all their contacts to support your GivingDay crowdfunding campaign.


Your own board members can boost year-end fundraising – way, way, way over goal!

Let’s give them some terrific training, help them understand the importance of their position, and support their work!

What do you think? Leave me a comment and let me know!