Thanking Donors – How to Show Your Donors Some Love

If you want to create tons of donor love, then thank your donors early and often!

You might already be actively thanking your major donors during the holiday season, but what about all your other lovely supporters?

This is a great time to go back and thank them ALL for everything they have done to make your organization successful.

Tip 1: Segment Your Donor List

I would encourage you to look at and segment your list – spread the love around.

How about thanking your organization’s founders or longtime supporters? You could run your list to see who has been donating for over 15 years.

How about your monthly donors? They deserve more than a transactional thank you! Surprise and delight them with an unexpected thank you. 

How about former board members? Capital Campaign donors from the past?

Hint: these folks are probably major donor prospects, aren’t they? So it is reasonable to invest some of your time thanking them for getting you to where you are now.

Remember that thanking donors is the first step to preparing them for the next solicitation.

Tip 2: Share a News Update

Don’t just thank your donors – give them an update. 

Tell them about the impact their gift has made.

What has happened in the last 10 years since they made their first donation?

Tip 3: Thank Your Women Donors

Women will, in fact, respond generously when they are approached correctly – and thanked properly.

Women control 32% of the world’s wealth and add $5 trillion to the global wealth pool every year.

In 2020 in the U.S. alone, women controlled $10.9 trillion to men’s $24 trillion. Currently, 45% of millionaires in the US are women.

So, don’t forget to reach out and acknowledge your female donors in particular!

Tip 4: Try a Thank-a-Thon

Even though you are in the middle of the year-end season, it’s still a great time for a thank-a-thon – it’s like a mass thank-you session.

Remember that thanking donors is the first step to asking them for another contribution.

Try a Thank-a-Thon: Gather your board members, volunteers and staff together for a fun night.

Get on the phone and call your donors. Thank them for everything they have done to help and get specific – tell them WHO they are helping and HOW.

Don’t thank them for helping YOUR organization be successful. Instead, thank them for the impact THEY are making in the world.

Your thank you helps donors feel like you care about them as real people rather than wallets or ATM machines. 

This is a great place to use your board members. Studies show that when board members thank donors, their future gifts are larger. 

Bottom Line – Remember, you have plenty of major donor prospects

Remember, you have major donor prospects – right now – buried in your files among the small gifts. The problem is that they just haven’t identified themselves as major donors yet. A little bit of donor love might change that!

If your organization is planning a capital campaign or expanding your major gifts program – we can help. Email if you’d like to schedule a free strategy call with us.