Tame the Social Media Content Monster: Create Impactful Social Content

Social Media Success For Fundraisers:

Social Media Success For Fundraisers:Today we have a guest post from social media expert Josh Hirsch, Director of Mission and Communications for  Susan G. Komen South Florida.

Josh is someone I’d call a “content king.” He creates the coolest and most interesting stuff on social media – and he’s an expert in all the various platforms. Check out his twitter feed for some fun.

Soooo, he’s the perfect person to share these guidelines for boosting YOUR social media profile for your wonderful organization.

Josh is joining our upcoming webinar series that starts next week: Social Media Success For Fundraisers.  You’ll get expert strategies to help you NAIL your storytelling and reach on social media! Josh’s webinar in our series will share how to create engaging stories about your work and your impact on social.

Here’s Josh’s post: 5 Strategies to Tame the Social Media Content Monster

In the newsrooms, getting out a daily paper was referred to “feeding the beast.” No matter what was going on, the news had to get out every, single day.

The same can be said of a robust social media site.

Do you have a plan for providing your digital audience with constant information? THat’s what you need to engage them, motivate them and inspire them.

In my role, I strategize on the best methods to help my audience support Susan G. Komen South Florida.

So, if this responsibility is part of your organizational role, try these five strategies to create successful, impactful content for your site:

1. Make your social media content personal.

Find a way to incorporate personal stories from survivors, their family and friends, corporate partners and mission partners.

As simple as it sounds, people prefer to learn about other people.

While statistics and facts are extremely important, they are best relayed from a real person, not a graphic or chart.

The challenge with this, obviously, is the time factor.

You must allow time to prepare questions that help people tell their stories, interview them, draft the story or videotape them, and edit the footage.

But the end result is worth the effort.

An example of how Komen South Florida made it personal is the video of Lisa Taylor-Fitter(only 36-seconds long!) sharing how our organization helped save her life.

2. Mix it up.

On social media, one size does NOT fit all.

Some of your followers are readers, while others prefer watching video. Some like to be invited to events, while others prefer to give online.

Do not ever assume that what works for one person works for someone else, so mix it up.

Social media content and messaging should include a balanced mix of personal stories, event invitations, mission progress and information on your cause, such “FYI…” or “Did you know…” posts.

Creating a calendar of content, grouped under categories, can help you organize the mix. If you want greater personal engagement, create more content on attending events.

If you are seeking a better understanding of your mission, feature mini-profiles on researchers, partners and volunteers.

And don’t forget about humor. A funny meme or photo of happy people goes a long way in conveying warmth.

3. Invest in “earned” media.

Having your organization or brand featured in publications and/or on TV lends an air of credibility to your message. Think of it as a “third-party endorsement.”

Komen South Florida employs a media relations firm, JLM Communications, that keeps our newsworthy items in front of local reporters and editors.

Working with your local media can yield great pieces that can be shared on your social media sites.

“Earned” media, or segments and articles in the press, is different from “paid” media, which includes advertising, or “shared” media, in which you share content from a partner’s page.

There is also “owned” media, which is content you create, such as blogs that are generated internally.

All of it makes for engaging content; however, earned media is viewed with greater value because it is information from someone not affiliated with your organization.

4. Remember your message.

When crafting social media content, try not to be distracted.

Always stay on message, so your content is consistent and brand-aware.

Again, creating a calendar will help tremendously with staying on message.

Organizing your content allows you to see how posts tie back to your mission and prevents you from creating content that does not align with your goals.

As you come up with ideas, be sure to ask yourself – what is this post accomplishing?

5. Build your social audience.

Want more people to follow you? Then tag them or share their content.

The last strategy is an easy one.

Make sure your content is easy to find and share by helping people and companies locate themselves on your sites.

By tagging and sharing, you’re not only showing your appreciation of their support, but you’re also engaging with the people that follow them in the digital realm.

With Komen South Florida, I’m always tagging our sponsors, donors, corporate partners and ambassadors to share our message with people who are interested in their news.

BOTTOM LINE: Tame the Social Media Content Monster

Give these strategies a try and BOOST your profile. It really isn’t so hard, and it can be tons of fun.

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