Unlock the Secrets of High Net Worth Donors

high net worth donors

Have you ever considered this: One gift from a high-net-worth donor could knock your fundraising goals out of the park?

We’re talking transformational generosity that would change the future of your organization and those you serve. Isn’t that exciting?

But how can you get close enough to that philanthropic hero to share your story? How can you determine whether that person’s motivations match your mission?

We’ve got some insider “secrets” to share in this week’s video that will answer those questions.

And we’ll be sharing many more in our upcoming Major Gifts Intenstive. We hope you’re planning to join us.

Getting the Door Open

You probably have supporters with high capacity who are quite passionate about your mission. But getting in front of them and engaging with them – that’s the big challenge.

High net worth donors often have a circle of trusted people, including their close friends and family members. You may not be part of that circle, but you might know someone who is. That’s the secret of getting the door open!

Take a look at your organization’s longtime supporters, volunteers and board members and ask, “Who can influence this high-net-worth donor?”

That person may be willing to be an “intercessor” – the person to set up a visit and make the introduction. Bingo, you’re in the door!

You May Not Be the One to Follow Up

With high-net-worth donors, fundraisers often play the role of the quarterback. We call the plays (set the strategy), but we don’t always make the touchdown.

Why not have your organization’s CEO or board chair make the visit, along with the intercessor? That communicates to this wonderful, influential donor that you they are important.

(Of course, you’ll want to provide any necessary support or briefing to make sure your leaders are fully prepped.)

Have you studied your donor’s personal interests and motivations?

When you and your team engage with these donors, it’s important to do your homework.

Discover everything you can about what they are looking for, and what drives their giving.

That means listening MUCH more than you speak. These donors are used to expressing what they want. Don’t miss it!

Are you remembering the soft skills of major gift fundraising?

Don’t forget that courtesy, confidentiality, etiquette all matter when dealing with high net worth donors.

Be kind, patient, and take your lead from your donor about what they want to discuss.

Take your time!

High-net-worth donors require more attention – no question. But the rewards can be game-changing for your organization.

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BOTTOM LINE on High-Net-Worth donors: Be careful, and kind. Go slowly. Be all about the donor, not about yourself.