Is Your Organization Aiming for the Fundraising Bull’s Eye?

Fundraising as a Dart Game: Are You Guessing your way Along?

Fundraising as a Dart Game: Are You Guessing your way Along?

Where are you with your fundraising plans?

Are you playing the fundraising “dart game” by any chance?

There’s a game that many nonprofits play called “Aim for the Fundraising Bull’s Eye.”

It’s the game of searching, searching for the fundraising strategy that will finally pay off.

The problem is – that it’s a guessing game.

When you have to guess your way to increased fundraising contributions and gifts – it’s doubtful that you’ll actually hit the bulls eye.  

Let’s have a bit of fun and see where your organization stacks up in the “Aim for The Fundraising Bull’s Eye” game.  :)

Let’s see how efficient and effective your own fundraising plans, strategies and tactics are.

Outer Ring Fundraising

When your darts keep hitting the outer ring, alas, you’re clearly in a “Hit or Miss” situation.

Your “strategy” — if you can call it that — is all over the place.  Just like these old darts.

And your fundraising is floundering as a result. Here’s what’s probably happening: 

  • Your organization sets fundraising goals in a vacuum, based on various people’s personal opinions and preferences. (“I can’t stand direct mail!”) 
  • Your board is detached and disengaged. They are uncomfortable with the idea of fundraising – which they equate with “asking for money.”
  • Your organization’s leadership is also nervous about fundraising – so there’s a distant relationship with fundraising staff. 
  • Your organization’s donors think they are personally treated like ATMs. Not a great recipe for long-term relationships!

Inner Ring Fundraising

You are moving toward the bull’s eye on the dart board. Your fundraising plans are a work in progress.

  • You’re getting more internal people involved in the discussion, so there is broader support for fundraising among your colleagues.
  • Your board is more engaged. They are all donating, and they understand the importance of opening doors and making connections with their active and affluent friends.
  • Leadership gives fundraising staff a voice at the table. They listen and try to understand you. No one is coming at you at the 11th hour to fund a program you weren’t a part of from the start.
  • You’re thanking your donors. Quickly and with feeling. That’s good. They are beginning to feel like they are not exactly one-night stands as far as your organization is concerned.

Smart Fundraising Plans Yield Bull’s Eye Fundraising

There’s a strong culture of philanthropy within your organization.

  • In the fundraising department, there’s a plan everybody is following. 
  • Messaging is consistent and donor-centered. 
  • Direct mail folks aren’t afraid to turn “their” names over to major gifts, and major gifts regularly funnels names to planned giving.
  • Programs, marketing and communications, fundraising are all working collaboratively.
  • The lines of communication with leadership are open and flowing; your CEO is engaged with donors and supporting your team’s goals at all times.

Your board is totally on board.

  • They’re engaged and excited about your mission – ready to take action and go to work.
  • They GIVE! Big and regularly.
  • They make introductions and use their connections to open doors.
  • They understand fundraising and are willing to be part of it (in ways that include asking but other ways as well).

Your donors are happy.

  • Some have deep relationships with your organization.
  • You speak a donor-centered language.
  • You bless them with the opportunity to give, rather than trying to hit them with a hello and run away with their money.

And a bonus sign that you’re in the bull’s-eye?

  • You’re raising money.
  • Awesome amounts of money. Mega-amounts. More money than you ever thought possible.
  • All because you are working from well-structured fundraising plans.

If you hit the bull’s-eye — GREAT! And congratulations!

But even if your dart ricocheted off the target, took off someone’s ear and flattened a tire in the parking lot, you can turn things around.

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