How to Get the Most Out of a Major Gift Visit!

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Prospective Donor

Prospective DonorYou finally have the meeting with Mr. Big. What’s next?

What do you do? What do you say?

It can be tough to keep your eyes on the prize when you get in front of your best major donor prospects.

And it’s easy to get distracted and go the wrong direction!

And let’s not forget:

Your real goal is NOT money.

It’s NOT to make a presentation either.

In your first real visit to this donor, you’re after something way more important.

What you really want: a warm, friendly relationship.

So what’s that mean, anyway?

It means that after this visit, your prospect just might respond to your emails. And he might answer your calls.

May she’ll be willing to come to an event, or take a tour.

Maybe even make a gift. (YES!)

develop a relationshipLeisurely conversation will tell you so very much information!

But let’s not rush things during this first “date” with your prospect.

Instead, let’s just take things slowly. If you can do that, you’ll create something MUCH longer lasting.

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Now back to our conversation about visiting major donors: here are THE three things you want out of every single major donor visit you make:

1. You want to establish a lasting, engaged relationship.

You have a long list of things you’d like from this prospective donor. You’d like to be able to ask her for advice. Or about other potential donors.

You want her opinion of new events or initiatives.

You want her to tell you what other people in town are saying about your organization. You want to find out what it will take for her to make a gift.

In other words, you want her to become a friend to your organization.

This kind of long term productive relationship is worth a LOT to an organization. You want plenty of community leaders feeling friendly to you. Right?

2.  You want to find out where your major gift prospect stands.

Another important goal for your visit is to find out your prospect’s disposition toward you and your cause.

Finding out what’s in your donor’s heart – that’s the first step toward a gift!

Perhaps he’s a former donor—does he still feel close to your organization?

heart centered fundraising

Perhaps she’s brand new to the community—could she become interested in your cause? Could she be helpful?

If a couple are potential donors, then you’ll be trying to gauge their level of interest so you can bring them even closer.

This is why you should listen so much during a donor visit!

You REALLY want to know what’s going on in your prospect’s mind.

And the only way to find out what you really need to grow the relationship is to get them to talk.

Many people think their job is to make a presentation.  Or bring the prospect “up to date.”

But this may or may not be a good idea. Hint: It’s only a good idea if the prospect WANTS this info.

If you’re watching her reaction to you, you’ll know right away if she does (or not).

 3.  You want a next step with your major gift prospect.

Why is the next step so important?

Because you won’t have a long term relationship with your donor without it!

develop a relationship You’ve got to figure out your next step with your prospect!

Don’t leave the visit until you have an idea for follow-up. That’s the most important objective of all!

You’re always looking for what you can do NEXT to encourage your prospect’s interest.

Can you find a reason to circle back to them, so you keep the communication coming?

Did you find out what they were interested in, so you can follow up?

Did they ask a question that you couldn’t answer?

Great! Now you have a reason to follow-up.

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