Three Important Goals for Every Major Donor Visit

major donor visit
When you are making a major donor visit, it’s always a good idea to know what you really, really want to accomplish.
What are your ultimate goals?

Why is the next step so very important?

Because you won’t have a relationship without a next step!

Don’t leave your prospect until you have an idea for several followup next steps.

 That’s your most important objective of all – for every single major donor visit!

What can you do NEXT to encourage your prospect’s interest?

Can you find a reason to circle back to them to keep the communication coming?

Did you find out what they were interested in so you can followup?

Did they ask a question that you couldn’t answer?

Great! Then you have a reason to followup.

if you leave the major donor visit without a next step, you might as well have wasted your time.

BOTTOM LINE: Have a terrific major donor visit. 

These strategies offer an easier, kinder, gentler approach to developing major donor relationships. You are not about the money. Instead you are about the relationship.

It’s the 21st century approach to major gift fundraising. 

This is the slow, soft sell — the way that creates a friendly, close relationship.

The way that leads to the biggest gifts of all!