Is your board ready to assume real leadership for your organization’s future?

Create a board that's ready to ROCK!

If your board is ready to move from “managing” to “leading,” here’s a Manifesto for them to embrace.

Wikipedia defines “manifesto” as “a public declaration of principles and intentions.”

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your board members had an open discussion about their responsibilities in fundraising?

Why don’t you add this to your next board meeting agenda as a discussion item?

And ask, “what are your impressions of this set of principles?”

Who knows what you might create!

Manifesto for a Fundraising Board

We agree that ALL board members are responsible for actively supporting our organization’s resource development. It is everybody’s job.

We agree that ALL board members can take an active role in fundraising by:

•       thanking donors and helping to develop long term relationships with them

•       building connections for fundraising

•       lobbying for grants and gifts

•       asking for contributions when appropriate

•       raising the visibility of our organization in the community.

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Partner with us.

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We acknowledge that this will help

•       increase contributions

•       build organizational credibility

•       create long term donors who will sustain and support our organization for the long haul

•       help lay the groundwork for future capital campaigns.

Do you think your board is ready for this?

Leave me a comment and tell me why, or why not.