The Right Way to Follow Up Your Social Events and Tours

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And one of the things people always ask is how to follow up friendmaking events that your board members will host.

Plan your follow up ahead of time, or DON’T DO THE EVENT!

We believe in two types of followup:

First, the personal phone call or email follow up.

Yes, call each person (or at least the VIP folks) and ask them our golden question: “What were your impressions?”

Then you shut up and let the wonderful person chat on and on about what they saw, what they felt and what they heard. Let them talk!

And then find out what the next step should be for that person. What are they interested in?

Would they like more in-depth information about a certain aspect of your organization? Would they like to get more involved? Are they a potential donor or board member? What’s next for this person?

Don’t forget our second favorite tool:

Second, The All-Important Followup Card

Remember to hand out Follow-up Cards for every gathering you hold. This lets the attendees self-select whether they want any follow-up communication or not. Even in this digital age, you can use paper and pens for this purpose. You’re just asking people to check off some boxes.

Follow-up cards are important because they help you get the prospect’s permission to communicate with him or her personally.

Follow-Up Cards should:

  • Capture the person’s contact information, including phone and e-mail address.
  • Ask what most interested him personally about your organization and its mission.
  • Ask who else he knows who would be interested in your organization, and would he be willing to help make an introduction to this person?
  • Give him some boxes to check off. Would you like to:
  1. Join our mailing list?
  2. Hold a Small Social or Tour Experience of your own?
  3. Make a contribution for $_________ to help us accomplish X, Y or Z (you fill it in)?
  4. Volunteer?
  5. Do you have a question?
  6. Other___________________________?

This way the prospect can self-select whether they want to get more involved or not.

Your volunteer hosts will love this because that means only their friends who WANT more involvement will get any followup. It’s permission-based friendmaking and fundraising.

Perfect for your squeamish board member who is not so sure about inviting their friends to hear a pitch about their organization.

Bottom Line: Don’t Forget to Follow Up Social Events and Tours!

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