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What Mega Donors are Saying about Giving in Today’s Economy

With the economic environment so murky these days, we usually ask these donors how they are feeling about giving in today’s economy. 

Powerful Roles for Board Members in Major Gifts Fundraising

What are the right roles for board members in major gifts fundraising?  We find that many board members are quite nervous about being involved with major gift fundraising - especially the ask. Since many board members have little experience…

Planning a Capital Campaign? Engage Your Major Donors Early On

Is your organization planning a capital campaign or a major new funding initiative? We hear many questions about how to prepare properly for a capital campaign. As far as we are concerned, it’s what you do ahead of the campaign that…

(Major Gifts #6) Building a Prospect Management System That Helps You Close Gifts

  Do you have problems getting distracted when you are working on major gifts? How do you know you’re spending time on the right prospects, and not the wrong ones? How do you know that you’re not wasting time and energy? Here’s…

(Major Gifts #5) Major Gift Fundraising by the Numbers

We hope, on this Valentine’s Day 2022, that you are sending your major donors and prospects lots of love! When you send personal attention to your key supporters, you’re taking a strategic step toward building their loyalty and encouraging…