Board Development is of paramount importance in organizations, as it ensures that board members possess the necessary skills, knowledge, and capabilities to fulfill their roles and responsibilities effectively. Their collective expertise and guidance contribute significantly to the success and sustainability of nonprofit entities.

Find below our articles about Board Development best practices.

AFP ICON Conference

AFP ICON Conference 2024: Tips from the Pros

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Join Gail Perry live from AFP ICON 2024 conference in Toronto as she unveils insights & tips from some of her favorite fundraising professionals.
From Bored to blazing: 7 Steps to Get Your Board Reconnected, Reengaged and Enthusiastic

From Bored to Blazing: Get Your Board Reconnected, Reengaged & Enthusiastic

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Take a look for 7 steps to create new energy, excitement and commitment with your nonprofit board. Boards love these ideas!
How to run a better board meeting - liven up your board.2024

How to Run a Better a Board Meeting – and Liven Up Your Board

Board meetings are more important than you and your team may realize. When you think about it, the board meetings are your board members’ principal point of contact with your organization. So, you want the meetings to be great experiences…
Capital Campaign Success: 3 Key Roles for Your Board | Gail Perry Group2024

What’s the Board’s role in a Capital Campaign?

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Feeling overwhelmed kicking off your capital campaign? Get your nonprofit board on board! Learn the 3 key roles to turn them into fundraising champions.

What’s the Rate of Return of Major Gift Fundraising?

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Learn how to maximize your fundraising rate of return with these tips. Try proven strategies to maximize your return on investment.
What is the role of a nonprofit board in fundraising?

What is the Role of a Nonprofit Board in Fundraising?

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The Fund Development Committee of the board can help everyone support this most important revenue-producing area of a nonprofit.
What Can Go Wrong with Your Board’s Fund Development Committee?

What Can Go Wrong with the Board’s Fund Development Committee?

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Five ways Fund Development Committees go wrong from micromanaging internal operations to negating the power of the CEO.

The Right Way to Follow Up Your Social Events and Tours

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And one of the things people always ask is how to follow up friendmaking events that your board members will host. Plan your follow up ahead of time, or DON'T DO THE EVENT! We believe in two types of followup: First, the personal phone call…

New Year’s Resolutions for Board Members

We offer this list of suggested New Year's Resolutions for Board Members to encourage them to consider their important role and reflect on how they can be more effective as board members.  Here are 10 New Year's resolutions for board members…

What’s the Math? 3 Questions Your Board Members Really Need to Know

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Here's how to bring fundraising alive - help your board members understand where the money goes and what impact fundraising makes.

7 Rules for Successfully Soliciting Board Members

Are you ready for something that happens every year-end - soliciting board members for their annual gifts? We get many questions about how to set this delicate process up for success, so here are our recommendations. We originally published…

Board Chairs: How to Fire Up Your Board with a Call to Action

  Here's a call to action for all board chairs! You have a big job. Especially these days.  Many organizations are facing major decisions - about funding, staffing, service delivery - and everything else. As we said two weeks ago, a small…

Board Members: How to Approach Decision-Making in Times of Crisis

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If you’re a board member serving an institution or organization, you are probably dealing with many challenging decisions in this time of crisis. This is a difficult time for everyone and board decision-making is not easy. Your organization…

Nonprofit Board Members: Leadership Tips for Uncertain Times

  As a nonprofit board member, you have much to deal with right now, as you might in any time of crisis. It’s a tough position to be in, because board membership carries a lot of responsibility. The board is the legal authority entrusted…

Give Board Members Something to Say-Help Them Become Personal Advocates for Your Cause

If you are a board member for a nonprofit, we imagine that you're excited and passionate about your favorite organization. We're willing to bet that you joined the board because you really, really believed in the cause. It meant a lot to…

New Year’s Resolutions for Board Members

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It's the New Year - and it's a great time to make smart resolutions for the future! This post is updated from posts I wrote in 2018, 2017 and 2015. It's a perennial favorite with my readers - so we've updated it again for 2020! Here…