5 Simple Tips to Nail Your Online Fundraising in 2023

Do you ever feel like you’ve just had enough?

You feel overdosed on everything? Too many emails? Too much work?

Too much advice about how to raise money?

It’s so easy to get confused and overwhelmed with all the advice out there. (I sure feel like this sometimes.)

So what are you to do?

I’d suggest that you start by being kind to yourself. Deep breath. You work hard enough! Let’s simplify your life and cut thru some of the noise.

Let’s just focus.

d tactics you need to totally exceed your fundraising goals, and have fun doing it!


Here’s a place to focus today – your website!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you converted all your website visitors into donors?

Here’s how:

The quick tips I’m sharing today are not new. But they remain completely state-of-the-art.

But shhhhhh. Here’s a deep dark secret.

So many nonprofit donation pages are really AWFUL.

Now . . . I know yours is not awful, right?

But I’m willing to bet that you could still work on these totally essential, must-do strategies.

Let’s make your donation process feel easy, warm and fuzzy. Not intimidating and complicated.

So here are your Five Must-Do Website tips to convert your web visitors to web donors:

1. Make sure your organization’s home page has a highly visible donate button.

Time and time again, I’ll visit a nonprofit website and have to hunt and hunt for the donation button.

Finally I locate it.

There it is, in tiny grey (unreadable) font. And it’s tucked away in a long list with items like “Volunteer,” “Our Programs,” “About Us” and other scintillating information.

May I ask – what is the objective of your website?

It should be to engage people who visit. It is to capture email addresses, get people to sign up and above all, get people to take action NOW.

So make your donation button easy to find.

Put it in its own separate space.

2. Turn your donation button into a large call-to-action.

Don’t just say “Donate” Or “Give now!”

Instead, make it donor centered. Try to connect your would-be donor with the impact of her gift.

It needs to say “help a kid today” or “clean up a stream today” or “send help now.”

This is how to turn your donate button into a fundraising asset – not a liability.

3. Edit down your donation page – the fewer the boxes the better.

Study after study shows that people will abandon donation pages if it looks and feels complicated.

Every single additional box you add will result in more and more people leaving without giving.

So do you really need a salutation box?

Do you really need the “Make this gift anonymous” box?

Clear the clutter and you’ll raise more money!

4. Add video – on your home page, on your “make a gift” page, on the page with the donation form.

Video is a wonderful tool.

A warm and fuzzy video about your organization’s impact can convert web visitors into donors quickly.

A video on your “make a gift” page explains how the donor’s money can make an impact.

Try adding a video or image on the donation form page itself to make it warmer and more encouraging.

5. Make sure you have a lovely thank you page – use a video on that one too!

Time and time again, I see thank you pages full of legal information about taxes and 501c3 organizations and such.

Here I am — I have just made an emotional gift because I feel so very bad about these poor students who don’t have school books and I’m thinking about my own love of books and what it felt like when I was a kid, and . . . and . . .

You dump cold water all over my emotional high.

I am socked in the face with your legalese and tax info.

Pleeese, give your donor a warm, fuzzy thank you page after she gives.

Make her happy that she’s joined your cause.

Sooooo there you have it!

Bottom Line: Use these 5 easy, quick and dirty, but totally essential web site tips to convert your web visitors into web donors.