4 Steps to a Transformational Gift


Transformational gifts are the most amazing gifts of all. They are largest and most significant gift an individual will ever make.4 steps to a Transformational Gift

Isn’t securing a transformational gift your ultimate dream?

These gifts bring funding that can completely transform your organization.

They bring funding that can catapult your cause to a whole new level – expand your reach, help more people and make a HUGE difference to the world.

Imagine – securing a gift that is so large that it actually transforms your organization forever. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?

You might think you don’t have any prospects who would consider such a outrageously generous act.

But I bet you DO.

Last week, I promised you some golden nuggets from the seminar I was helping to present with Jerry Panas.  We taught “Designing a Successful Capital Campaign” along with Doug Dillon, Jerry Linzy, and David Gillig – some of the smartest consultants and speakers in the business.

I was totally intrigued with these particular nuggets from very smart David Gillig – and just had to share them with you as fast as I could.

Here are four steps that will lead you to the ultimate gift that can literally transform your organization.

Just ask yourself the following four questions and start working hard to find the answers.

Finding the answers will lead you – step by step – to your transformational gift.

These questions are deceptively simple.

And the process is amazingly simple:

1. How much would it take to name your organization or institution?

Have you ever set a price on actually naming your institution? If not, why not?

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What do you think it would take?

Why don’t you take this question to your board or CEO and start the conversation? What do you have to lose? : )

Just estimate a figure – and be sure it is plenty large – since the naming would be permanent.

Your organization may be already named.

If it is, then what is the largest area that still remains to be named?

Is it a building? Is it your most prominent program or project? Is a wing of your facility?

Put a number on it!

2. Do you know what you would use the money for?4 steps to a Transformational Gift

So if you could bring in $10 million, $50 million or whatever to name your organization, what would you use the money for?

  • Would you set up an endowment to secure your organization forever?
  • Would you beef up your staffing so you can serve more people?
  • Would you expand? How would you expand?
  • What kind of impact could/would you make with a significant infusion of capital?
  • How many more people could be reached?
  • How many more lives could be saved or changed?

You’ll need a specific plan for how you will spend the money. Lay it out and make it as real as you can.

What is your opportunity – what can you accomplish – if you have this significant boost of funding?

Be sure to remember that donors are more interested in the BIG vision than they are a SMALL vision.

You’ll attract donors to your cause with a huge, exciting, amazing vision – coupled with a specific plan on how you’d spend the money.

There ARE donors who’ll be interested in this opportunity – if you just approach them.

3. Do you know someone who might want to consider this?

I bet you do. I bet you have a donor in the wings who’s been your loyal supporter year after year.

I bet this donor is over the age of 55, and is planning their estate.

This donor has been giving for years, in increasingly larger amounts.

Ask yourself:

  • Who is your most loyal supporter?
  • Who is the person who believes in you more than you believe in yourself?
  • Who might have the resources to help TRANSFORM your organization?
  • Who shares your vision?

4. What are you waiting for?

You know what’s next.

It’s time to get out of your office. Go see this donor and explore this idea.

Present the opportunity as an amazing opportunity to make a HUGE difference.

Just test it out. Try this:

“We’ve been thinking about actually naming our organization.

If we had this large gift, then we’d  be able to expand/double/triple our reach into the community.

If we could name our organization with a gift in the range of $xxx – xxxx, then we could help xxx people and change xxx lives.  It would literally TRANSFORM our organization forever.

Think of the impact we could have.

You know, there is only one person who comes to mind . . . you!”

Share with her the idea of this incredible opportunity – how your organization could expand so significantly that you could change or save so many more lives.

If not now, then when?

If not you, then who?

Don’t put this one on the back burner.

Do it now – and let me know what happens!

Leave a comment and share your own perspective on transformational gifts. Are we on the right track here?