#1 Strategy to Finish Your Fiscal Year-End Over Goal

It’s that time of year – we are all focused on making our goals for the fiscal year-end.

June 30th is just around the corner, and all of our numbers will be totaled up.

Here’s how to make sure that you’ll be zooming over goal this fiscal year-end:

Focus on the largest “about to lapse” annual fund donors.

This one activity could make the largest difference in your fiscal year-end fundraising results.

Remember, a renewal reminder is an EASY ASK.

Just think – these donors are already in your community. They are happy supporters of your cause. They are your tribe. So, treat them like the insiders they are.

Gently reminding them that you hope they will renew their support is easy.

Think of it like asking someone to come volunteer again – you helped last year, so come on and help this year too.

Here’s how to organize your last-minute renewal followups: 

1.  Pull your list for fiscal year-end renewals.

Pull a report of everyone who made a larger annual fund gift and has not yet renewed – these are the people you will focus on for the next two weeks.

Add up the dollar total of this list.  Just think – here are all the lovely people who are about to become lapsed donors. (Yikes!)

You just might faint when you see just how much $$ is on the line.

100% of your focus for the next two weeks should be on renewing this special group.

2. Prioritize your list.

Start by identifying the people who will be most likely to renew their gifts – they may just need a quick reminder.

Or, you might decide to focus on your largest donors first – their renewed gifts could push your numbers up very quickly.

Remember, many of your loyal donors DO NOT know that they are about to lapse.

They may think they’ve renewed their support. And, they may have simply forgotten.

So following up with them is simply the appropriate thing to do. Above all, it is NOT pushy or intrusive!

3. Connect with your donors. Ask them to renew.

Try these strategies: 

Send Personal Notes:

You could distribute the list to board members who are willing to write a personal note as a renewal reminder.

Pick Up the Phone:

Everyone on the entire fundraising staff could make personal phone calls reminding donors about renewing. Or, pull in a volunteer team!

Send Personal Emails:

Try crafting very personalized, individualized email messages to these donors. Remember – the more personal, the more attention the email will get.

Sample renewal script for email or letter:

Dear Ms. Donor, you are so wonderful to partner with us this year as a donor.

You have helped bring hope xxxx, clean streams, stage amazing artistic performances, feed hungry people in our community etc etc etc. Thank you! 

Thanks to you, (specific projects) have happened, with (impact).

I am writing you personally because our fiscal year is ending in two weeks — and we are hoping you’ll want to renew your support and remain a member of our community.

We are asking people to renew their support xx amount to create xxxxx impact (or reach xxxxx people). 

The kids (or frogs, or elderly, or students ) need your help if we are going to be able to  xxx (add more about impact here.). . . 

Please take a moment right now and send in a generous gift to help xxxx happen.  

Sample renewal phone call script:

Hi, it’s Becky Smith, from xxxxx. 

I want to give you a huge thank you for your gift to us. It’s awesome that you are doing this. 

We are so thankful to have you in our family.  (AFFIRMATION OF THE DONOR)

You may remember reading about xxx project that you helped fund. 

Thanks to you, xxxx (describe accomplishment) and now here’s the impact of this xxxx (describe impact).  (BE SPECIFIC WITH AN ACCOMPLISHMENT THEY MADE POSSIBLE)

What we are doing today – is a phone campaign so we can tackle this next important project. 

We are asking people to renew their support xx amount to create xxxxx impact (or reach xxxxx people). 

Most people are giving in this range of $xxx to $xxxx. How much would you like to give?

(Credit to the brilliant Simon Scriver for the phone call script.)

Bottom Line: Renew your about-to-lapse donors before fiscal year-end!

Those higher gift levels are just sitting there.

All you have to do is employ the right strategies: The phone. The personal call or visit. The ask.

It’s not complicated! So give these strategies a try and watch YOUR year-end totals zoom up!

ABOVE ALL remember: Your donors may not even know that they have not given yet this fiscal year. It’s up to you to remind them!