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We equip Los Angeles & Santa Barbara-based nonprofits with actionable strategies, skills and tools tailored for their organization.

With you at every step, our nonprofit fundraising consultants work with you to create real change and meet your capital campaign & fundraising goals – the kind you can measure.

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“We have had our best year-end ever! We exceeded last year’s totals by an amazing 50%! Our investment in your training paid off in spades for our organization and I just wanted to share our success story!”

Lana Baldwin, Pima Council on Aging Tucson, AZ

Bespoke Consulting

Custom fundraising strategies for real results.

Our consulting group is thrilled to collaborate closely with your team to develop customized fundraising strategies that will unlock the full potential of your organization.

With our data-driven approach, we’ll equip you with the perfect combination of tools and know-how for guaranteed success. Whether you’re interested in conducting feasibility studies, launching compelling endowment and capital campaigns, establishing planned giving programs, cultivating major gift programs, or even enhancing your board governance, we’ve got you covered. Let’s embrace the vibrant spirit of Los Angeles and Santa Barbara as we embark on this journey to elevate your fundraising efforts to extraordinary heights!

Sharpen your skills with coaching and training.

The professional development resources you’ve been searching for are right at your fingertips.

Timely and practical on-demand courses and webinars, in addition to custom workshops and board retreats, will give you the skills and confidence to take your campaign to the next level.

As specialists in the nonprofit sector and philanthropy, we help you learn the entire fundraising process: how to reach potential donors, organize a successful fundraising campaign, and understand the smartest smart solicitation strategies that work with high-net-worth donors today.

Training that makes a difference.

“Gail Perry is a legend in fundraising and a trailblazer in women’s leadership, she is an amazing thought leader, colleague, friend and all-around inspiration.”

Martha Schumacher Past Chair, AFP Global board

Capital campaigns in times of crisis.

Our on-demand 5-series course is here to help you reinvent, adapt and successfully move forward, despite internal and external challenges. Reach your fundraising potential and take your capital campaign over goal!

In this inspiring and actionable course, we’ll reveal the five keys to help you defy the times and unlock the capital campaign success you, your team and your institution deserve.

How to Jumpstart Your Capital Campaign and Achieve Early Success Today

Discover what’s triggering mega donors to unlock early gifts in today’s economy

With Gail Perry and Dr. Kathryn Gamble

Nonprofit Fundraising Consultants

the YMCA
Duke University
San Diego Zoo
ALS Association

“You were great! I came away from that meeting with such enthusiasm and hope to get our board more involved and educated on our organization. Thank you so much.”

Dr. Jessica Katz Jameson, NC State University

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