Fundraising Strategy is a comprehensive approach to raise funds for Nonprofit Organizations. It is essential for nonprofits to develop and implement a well-thought-out fundraising strategy to ensure sustained financial support for their operations and programs. A fundraising strategy encompasses a wide range of initiatives such as hosting fundraising events, engaging supporters, utilizing online platforms, and seeking sponsorships.

Find below our articles about Fundraising Strategy best practices.

What is a Major Gift in Fundraising & Why It Matter?

We often get questions from nonprofit CEOs, managers, and fundraising professionals alike, “What exactly is a major gift?  Since we specialize in major gift and capital campaign fundraising, we're talking about major gifts all…
Honest Questions to Consider About Your Organization's Fundraising Strategy

Honest Questions to Consider About Your Organization’s Fundraising Strategy

As fundraising consultants, we often explore fundraising strategy with our clients. In order to help an organization stage an aggressive capital campaign or dramatically ramp up its fundraising, we need to understand the opinions and…
The Donor Teared Up. Then He Offered a Campaign Gift, Unasked.

The Donor Teared Up. Then He Offered a Campaign Gift, Unasked.

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Here’s a wonderful Major Gifts Intensive success story from one of our smart participants. Chris Cook, Executive Director of the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts in Omaha, said he really enjoyed practicing his new advanced…
Capital Campaign Pre-Planning Do This Before Hiring a Consulting Firm for Your Feasibility Study (2)

Capital Campaign Pre-Planning: What to do Before Hiring a Consultant

How important is capital campaign pre-planning? We see many organizations that want to move forward quickly to launch a capital campaign. They are excited about their vision and are ready to dive straight away into a feasibility study. It's…

ARP Brings Public Funding Opportunities Like Never Before

Today we are highlighting the special public funding opportunity from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARP). You may know that the ARP, passed by Congress earlier this year, provides funds to help communities recover from the pandemic. This…

Capital Campaigns: Three Secrets of Success

If you're nonprofit is running a capital campaign, take a look at our article for three secrets to a successful campaign.

Creating a Donor-Centered Case Statement

We're sharing expert guidance on how to create a snappy, compelling case statement. Take a look and don't make the all too common mistakes.

Secret Sauce for Year-End Fundraising: Your Multi-Channel Donors

Check out these special strategies to connect and engage with a very special group of donors – your multi-channel donors.

Major Cryptocurrency Gifts in Just Two Weeks?

Learn one nonprofit's story of how they raised $90K in just two weeks after signing up to accept cryptocurrency gifts.

The New Fundraising Frontier: Cryptocurrency

Looks like cryptocurrency is here to stay. And, yes, it’s time for all nonprofits to get set up to receive donations in the form of cryptocurrency. Because there are plenty of donors with appreciated crypto investments.  Yes, cryptocurrency…

10 Fundraising Responsibilities of Every Board Member

What are the fundraising responsibilities of board members of a nonprofit organization? Above all, board members carry the legal responsibility for the fiduciary care of their nonprofit. In that vein, it's their responsibility to ensure that…

(MG Series #6) How to Secure a Transformational Gift

We all dream about securing transformational gifts. Those are the gifts that can change your organization’s trajectory into a new, expanded reach. These are the gifts that can blow your mind – with all they can accomplish and the impact…

Managing Your Major Gift Portfolio Can Be This Easy

Portfolio management may seem like a technical term. But it’s an excellent format to help you focus your attention on your best, and most likely donor prospects. Of course, one of the secrets to successful mega fundraising is identifying…

Our Predictions: Fundraising Trends for 2021

With a new year comes a hopeful new outlook.  We're all glad to see 2020 go. What a year it has been: we suffered through a terrible pandemic, disruption of our lives, families, workplaces, a volatile political climate, and much more.…

Why we think there are new rules for fundraising today

By Dr. Kathryn Gamble These days have been anything but usual.  Managing a fundraising program has become almost a herculean effort. Much of the challenge is due to the uncertainty that surrounds us regarding the pandemic.  For the…

How Your Data Can Cut Off Your Fundraising Revenue at the Knees

Here's a post by my colleague Dr. Kathryn Gamble, our data expert: Are you walking away from future fundraising revenue?   Try this test. Can you easily pull a list of individual donors who have given year to date including amount,…