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What Mega Donors are Saying about Giving in Today’s Economy

With the economic environment so murky these days, we usually ask these donors how they are feeling about giving in today’s economy. 

Nonprofit Capital Campaigns: Five Secrets of Success

What does it really take for a successful nonprofit capital campaign? Many institutions are raising millions, hundreds of millions and even billions for major institutions like universities. All this funding seems to just like flow into…
How to Host a Successful Porch Party

How to Host a Successful Porch Party Donor Cultivation Event

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A casual, small social event like a Porch Party is a terrific donor engagement and cultivation tool. Porch parties and small socials can be wonderful for building community support, engaging people, and generating momentum about your…
Capital Campaign Feasibility Study Questions Revealed

Capital Campaign Feasibility Study Questions Revealed

Our Capital Campaign Feasibility Studies always have multiple goals. Of course, we can all agree that the #1 goal of a feasibility study is to research your gift potential for your pending capital campaign. But you also want your study…
Capital Campaign Pre-Planning Do This Before Hiring a Consulting Firm for Your Feasibility Study (2)

Capital Campaign Pre-Planning: What to do Before Hiring a Consultant

How important is capital campaign pre-planning? We see many organizations that want to move forward quickly to launch a capital campaign. They are excited about their vision and are ready to dive straight away into a feasibility study. It's…