Is now the time to raise big money?

The long-discussed transfer of wealth is underway. It’s estimated that $30 – $86 trillion will move between 2020 and 2045.

Ditch the Capital Campaign Public Phase?

Here’s the challenge we all face: Public Phases are a tried-and-true part of all capital campaigns since the 70’s. It’s simply unheard of to skip this phase of a campaign.

The Three Phases of a Capital Campaign

The traditional structure for a capital campaign holds that there are typically three phases of a capital campaign: Campaign Planning, Silent Phase, and Public Phase. 

Planning a Capital Campaign? Engage Your Major Donors Early On

Is your organization planning a capital campaign or a major new funding initiative? We hear many questions about how to prepare properly for a capital campaign. As far as we are concerned, it’s what you do ahead of the campaign that can…

Don’t Waste Your Capital Campaign Feasibility Study

Some capital campaign feasibility studies are simply a waste of time and effort. It’s a real shame when an organization spends significant time, energy, and money on a study that is not helpful. Frankly, this result is disappointing…

Is Your Capital Campaign Set Up to Fail?

Set your capital campaign up properly: perform your due diligence and market research early in the game.

Using a Feasibility Study to Close Major Gifts – Without an Ask

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An expertly crafted Feasibility Study can open your donors' hearts and minds to wonderful possibilities your project will create.

Want to Know What Your Major Donor is Thinking? Try This Question!

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Want to find out what your donor is thinking? Ask them what they think or what are their impressions. It's our favorite Golden Question to ask donors.

Capital Campaigns: Three Secrets of Success

If you're nonprofit is running a capital campaign, take a look at our article for three secrets to a successful campaign.

3 Reasons Capital Campaigns Lose Their Momentum

There is really nothing more painful than a capital campaign that loses its momentum. It’s a sad situation – the institution is out there in public with an important initiative, a very public goal, and major gifts designated toward…
Planning a Campaign? Add Power and Influence

Planning a Campaign? Add Power and Influence

We were helping one of our clients work through a challenge yesterday. Our client, a national organization, is planning a $300 million capital campaign. The problem is, the organization’s board is not composed of "heavy hitters" so to speak,…