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Three Rules for Successful Advice Visits

Advice Visits are my GOLDEN KEY to opening any donor or potential donor’s heart to my cause.

I wrote about Advice Visits in my newsletter this week. (if you are not a subscriber, you can sign up here.)

I have used Advice Visits time and time again. They are based on the old adage:

“If you want money, ask for advice.

If you want advice, ask for money.”

Rule One: Make Sure You Are Interesting, Not Boring
As you tell your person about your cause and seek his advice, you should be watching carefully for his reaction.

If your prospect seems to not be very interested in your cause, then you should not drag on.. If you are perceived as boring or droning on and on, you will never be welcomed back!

The kiss of death for any fundraiser is to be boring. You are the one listening, not talking!


Don’t Waste Your Capital Campaign Feasibility Study

Some capital campaign feasibility studies are simply a waste of time and effort. It’s a real shame when an organization spends significant time, energy, and money on a study that is not helpful. Frankly, this result is disappointing to everyone involved. As consultants, we’re also just as disappointed as our clients and their board members. […]


6 Ways to Nail Your Next Major Donor Visit

Here you are, prepping for your big major donor visit. Yay!  As you walk into her office or home, should you be saying: “Yikes! What do I do now?” Don’t fail in your next major donor visit. I’ve seen lots of people strike out when they finally get that coveted appointment with their major donor. […]


Planning a Campaign? Add Power and Influence

We were helping one of our clients work through a challenge yesterday. Our client, a national organization, is planning a $300 million capital campaign. The problem is, the organization’s board is not composed of “heavy hitters” so to speak, who hold power and influence. The organization has a lot going for it. Its mission is […]